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Weird free Android app event

  Gummomarx 13:46 04 Jun 2020

I installed a free app yesterday via the Play Store. Today, I've received an email to one of my other email addresses which isn't connected to the Play Store and has no presence on my phone.

How can this be?

  Gummomarx 13:47 04 Jun 2020
  Tweedmach8ne 10:12 05 Jun 2020

Might be a dodgy App thats looking through your phone, is it a well known App?

  Gummomarx 13:35 05 Jun 2020

500,000+ installs with 4.7 stars from 3,000 reviews. This the second oddest thing about this. No reply yet from the developers.

  Gummomarx 13:36 05 Jun 2020

PS: I've uninstalled it from my phone.

  wee eddie 13:46 05 Jun 2020

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