website to suggest your next phone via a questionaire?

  theDarkness 14:30 05 Jul 2009

Im looking for a website that will suggest a new phone to buy, perhaps via filling in a questionaire of popular capabilities you would like on it?

  dagnammit 15:11 05 Jul 2009

How about you tell me what you'd like in a phone inc. price and I'll recommend a few.

Alternatively try click here

  theDarkness 00:27 06 Jul 2009

Im stuck with a Sony at the moment, some have a random resetting bug, often when low in memory, which now includes mine, so i really need to replace it-although ive been saying this for ages now, haha. Im not a non stop mobile user as far as general calling is concerned, but I have found my phone to be especially useful with video calling and internet access, bluetooth and 3G - being able to use my laptop online by connecting via phone through usb has been very useful in last min bookings for eg, so I would ideally be looking for the next step up while still having these basic net features. My SE phone connects at low speeds via usb, so faster capabilities for online 3G use would be great.

a slightly larger screen would be useful, being able to use a wider variety of common web related file formats, especially with compression, and with video and audio formats-being flash capable. Im wanting my next phone to last alot longer than this one has, so perhaps something known to be fairly robust and capable of installing software of a wider range, eg with a windows styled environment, would be ideal for the future.

I have no experience of using phones which use a windows style interface (or even the official windows mobile [tm] environment!) - but i do not know exactly how far advanced they have really become, or if these phones are still very expensive. Im not really that interested in camera capabilities as I now have a digital camera-most phones seem to offer at least 3 megapixels now, which is more than enough for decent outdoor daytime shots, so if its there its a bonus, if it doesnt have one, no loss. Im probably stuck if I want a windows capable mobile and do not really want to be spending far over the 100 quid mark, as most of these phones seem to be very expensive indeed, but if anyone could suggest anything I would be more than happy for any input at all, thanks.

Ive just found it hard to find a site in which i can tick on everything i need in terms of popular features, enter a set price i wouldnt want to go over, giving me a list of capable mobiles in return.

- 3g internet
- bluetooth
- fm radio
- large screen, 240x320 or above
- wide range video and audio formats (eg flash capable, or being able to uncompress files etc using the phone alone would also be useful)
- windows or similar environment (easy to update and install new software)

thanks for any help!

  birdface 19:04 06 Jul 2009

You can usually review all phones here.

click here

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