Weak digital channels

  jack 20:19 27 Feb 2009

As I was composing this I noticed the 'Terrestrial TV post and I guess there is a similarity here.
A clutch of channels on digital can very spasmodic.
That is Channel 5/Dave[19] Sky3[11] Virgin [21] and some others may well be working OK one moment then when reselected the EPG says- Not Tuned, or will if left, come to screen but very pixelated and fractured audio.
This is very often noticeable in the evening after 9 PM.
To night I retuned the set and none of these channels came up at all.
I have reconsidered giving the aerial a twich- but presumably at risk of losing out elsewhere
Perhaps a booster will do it.
Any further opinions?

  canarieslover 20:29 27 Feb 2009

I had similar problems and have fitted an aerial signal booster. This has improved it a lot but its still not 100%. What it has improved greatly is the audio so that we don't get the noisy break-up we had at times before fitting booster.

  oresome 22:12 27 Feb 2009

First thing to ascertain is are you in an expected normal reception area. There are sites where you can enter your post code to find out.

Assuming you're in an area expected to receive freeview, there's likely to be a problem with the aerial if you're having problems. Is the aerial outside and facing the right direction? Does the feeder make a continuous run from the aerial to the TV? Does the frequency spacing of the multiplexes from the transmitter require a wideband aerial?

If you are in a fringe reception area, you could try a booster amp as a cheap first step before purchasing a more elaborate aerial, but getting a good signal is always better than amplifying a poor one.

  Stuartli 00:25 28 Feb 2009

Virgin is Channel 20 in my area. As oresome rightly points out, there's very little point in amplifying a poor signal.

Rubbish in, rubbish out as hi-fi turntable manufacturer Linn always used to point out.

Currently, digital signals are only a fraction of the strength they will be when each analogue transmitter is closed down.

For instance, I'm served by Winter Hill, which is due to go fully digital by the last quarter of this year.

At present the digital transmissions are approximately one-85th of the analogue equivalent.

To find out more about your transmitter, see:

click here

Digital transmitter switchover:

click here

  feb 08:30 28 Feb 2009

Hi jack
What type of equipment are you using, set top box, PVR, digital TV?
Have you had a new aerial fitted?

  jack 09:13 28 Feb 2009

I did not appreciate the low power aspect of digital output, so that is a factor.
But the some times on/ some times off /sometimes not there at all for a particular group of channels is the puzzle.
I live within 15 miles of Crystal Palace and the ITV aerial near by, and if one can get up high enough can actually see them.
The FreeView reception checker tells me - 'Good'.
The aerial, [loft mounted and not to modern standards] is possibly a factor and perhaps the next thing to be addressed.

  jack 11:05 28 Feb 2009

entails moving stuff around and in so doing revealed the socket/connectors[2] from the down feed.
As they were thus exposed I disconnected them and reconnected with a firm push- then retuned the TV [Sony Bravia digital]
That did it- all is back sharp and clear.

  wmoore 11:49 28 Feb 2009

Do you have brown coloured cabling from your aerial to your TV. If you do get rid of it and install a higher grade cable. Brown cable has very poor shielding so picks up more interference. And the correct aerial on your roof will help things alot.

  Stuartli 11:55 28 Feb 2009

It's often the most obvious but overlooked potential solutions that provide the answer in the end..:-)

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