Before we argue over the electricity bill!

  Diemmess 17:36 05 Jan 2010

We have a venerable chest freezer more than 25 years old. It lives in a large detached, dry, unheated garage and has seen better days.

I have used a 'cost-plug' device during the last 2 days when the ambient temperature varied between -6.7C and -0.5C.

It recorded 2.23Kwh or say 1.1Kwh per day which is 401.5 per year. Assuming (I wish) 10p per unit that is £40.10 p.a.

I've been looking at John Lewis as a guide and they have two chest freezers at the top end but of similar size.
One with a 4 star rating claims an annual cost of £18.25 p.a. and a lesser one £28.80.

My thoughts are these. If the old'un in the garage is running over a unit per day in these extreme cold conditions, whatever is it costing me when the outside weather is warm or hot.
With the garage shut it warms with the sun on the door, and if the door is open it will have the sun from 10:00 till 18:00.

I can guess all I want, but can anyone out there quote a table for consumption against ambiant temperature?
The freezer's thermostat works, but it is a 30+ yr old design and insulation will be relatively poor.

  morddwyd 20:11 05 Jan 2010

It's a phenomenon, I don't know the science behind it, that outside freezers and refrigerators use more power during colder weather.

  John B 22:30 05 Jan 2010

Third paragraph click here

and this click here

  jack 11:52 06 Jan 2010

From Dragons den - He runs Rymans
In his house he does not have a freezer - he reckons it was a fashionable 'must have' of years ago- His wife [or servant on her behalf perhaps] buys fresh all the time.
Just a point of view.

For my part I do have one[a Fridge freezer] and it is chokka most of the time- usually with those irresistible Whoopsies from ASDA.
I keep saying to folk - I must stop buying stuff and eat the freezer down- but it seems - like the garden shed or the attic - to keep filling up all by itself

  karmgord 18:49 06 Jan 2010

I'm surprised the freezer works in such cold conditions as most need to be in a room temp of at minimum 10 degrees.

  karmgord 19:14 06 Jan 2010

Full freezers use less electricity & chest frezers are better than cabinet.

  Snec 23:48 22 Jan 2010

These new top of the range ones are real good. Our new freezer uses one third of the electricity the old one used. That's some saving!

  Input Overload 19:46 27 Jan 2010

A freezer, fridge, AC, etc will be more efficient in warmer weather & less so in cold. Due to evaporation rates.

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