Watch Repair?

  Ex plorer 15:44 24 May 2014

Hi I have a Timex TX T3B801 watch with perpetual calendar. The date, Month, and day have stopped working, but it tells the time.

The watch has to be recalibrated after every battery change costing £50.00. I Cant find anything on the net apart from resetting by using the crown and I fully understand that part.

If any one can point me to a page that gives details on how to change the battery and calibrate the watch I would be grateful. I have searched and drawn a blank.

Watch in question

  canarieslover 21:42 25 May 2014

I have looked at the manual for one of their other perpetual watchesand that states that the battery changes requires a factory re-calibration. Obviously removing the battery does a complete reset so needs a software update to tell it the year and it's base location. Mind you they replace the battery with a seven year one so it's not that expensive per year if it's capabilities are really required by you.

  bumpkin 23:03 25 May 2014

I have never seen the point of a watch that tells you what day it is, if you don't know that anyway you have more to worry about than a new battery.

  BT 08:30 26 May 2014

Back in the day Timex watches were 'Cheap and Nasty' mass produced, and not worth repairing. They certainly have changed. I really can't see the point though of a watch that has to be recalibrated every time you change the battery at a cost of £50.The watch only costs €299 to buy. I have a fairly good quality analogue Quartz watch which uses a battery about every two years or so, and I paid £8.99 at Timpsons and get free batteries for the life of the watch. The watch is now about 12 years old and I've had more than my moneys worth at Timpsons.

  Ex plorer 08:33 26 May 2014

canarieslover, emailed Timex in Surrey, they will fix it for £11.00 inc postage and as you say its an internal set to correct all functions.

bumpkin, you don't me, If I forgot what day it was, knowing me I would forget I had a watch to remind me. ;~)

Thanks for the replies I will send it away for a reset and battery. Why I wanted to do it my self I had a quote for £45.00.

  Ex plorer 09:21 26 May 2014

BT, had I known about the recalibration when I first bought it I would have looked else where what a faff its going to be.

At the time I bought it, it was £350 however I may send it to Timex Group in London or look closer to home nearest town likely to be able to help is 40 miles from me.

Here is a copy of the email I received.

Hi there, This normally happens when battery is low or just been changed. Unfortunately it would have to be sent into us to reset here.from inside, The charge for this would be £11.00 inc reset and return signed for postage.

Timex Group UK Po Box 2232-Mitcham - Surrey -CR4 3ZX - United Kingdom Normal process time 4-5 working days on receipt of watch (Excludes transit times.) Please include a covering letter with name and address and include an e-mail address when sending in any item in.

Cheques made payable to Timex Group U.K most major credit cards accepted.(We do not accept American Express) Please include previous e-mails on any reply. e-mail: [email protected]

  canarieslover 13:58 26 May 2014

bumpkin Obviously you haven't retired from work yet!! Every day gets to be the same after a couple of years and, although I always know the month and year, the actual date often escapes me. Mind you I don't wear a watch unless I am going somewhere that is important timewise, such as a hospital appointment. I rely on my mobile for all the information I need as it is only a button press away, and it has many other uses as well.

  Ex plorer 15:29 04 Aug 2014

Well I changed the battery, And any one doing so will still have to have it reset by a watch shop or by TX Timex, as replacing the battery shuts down the date, month, and day.

A small screw holds the battery in place.

There is a reset button inside the watch and other setting points that do an up date of some kind.

I tried the reset button many ways to try and restart the other functions but failed.

see canarieslover first post in this thread.

However the watch functions as a watch telling the time after battery change mine did but be careful.

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