Wanted phone with BIG buttons

  woody 16:03 06 Dec 2010

My wife needs a phone which is just that - a phone!
I have a Sony which does everything but make dinner that is only carried in case I need to summon help for her.
Now time is marching on and I asked her to try the phone in case she needs to help me!
After a days training she managed to make a call in just under 30mins!
The Sony is tiny and she can not use the buttons - not even using a pointer like a pen.
I have seen the 99pence at the local phone shop (on paper) each time I go they have just sold out or they will be in next day - but they could show me one a bit more expensive!
I am guessing when they do not have them they are 99p when they have them they are £50 - joke.
My question - I need a phone with large buttons and it does not have to be activated every 5 mins?
I understand you only need to activate Virgin once a year.
The 99p phone is listed on the internet but although I do buy quite a bit over the wire I do not particularly fancy buying a phone this way.
Any suggestions would be welcome.
Just an aside - we did have a perfect phone which was given to us by a bank but it stopped working because (we were told) the satellite gradually came back to earth!
But it was a good phone.

  dastardly mutt 21:51 09 Dec 2010

Try here.
click here=

Expensive if you are looking at the 99p phone as a prospect but these are not tied to any provider.

BTW, the phone does not need to be activated but to keep your keep your SIM card active, you do have to make a chargeable call, periodically.

Pleas note, I'm not recommending this retailer

  woody 22:25 09 Dec 2010

Thank you for your comment.
The phone is only for emergency use by my wife and as I have already told my doc not to resuscitate me £50 upwards is a bit too rich!
When I state "activate" I am not up to the tech words for phones - the Sony has to be used "activate" every couple of mths and we forget to make a call so when I come to use it guess what - even with a lot of credit on the phone - it does not work!
I will resign myself to thinking all this new tech is not the step forward it should be.

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