voice recognition on HTC

  sunnystaines 21:28 17 Sep 2010

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from the youtube vid i have set up the voice search for the internet, but stuck on the voice for the keyboard for text etc, I have found there is a link to a 2nd download for the keyboard, i have gone for the sense version [avoids click] for htc desire android 2.2 and get as far as starting download where it sticks.

the voice for searching the net is excellent as per the youtube vid, but need some help getting the icon on the keyboard.

  sunnystaines 18:35 18 Sep 2010

installed google sky night and the missing icon now appears on the keyboard, the icon turns on the voice control for text messages email etc. but when i press the voice icon on the keyboard i get "speak" box up, then "working" then server error when I speak.

SORTED just tried again after moving away from pc and sending text by voice works brilliantly came up with right person to text and all the voice dictated message was 100% correct.

  sunnystaines 20:22 18 Sep 2010

surprised this area of the forum does not get much action

  SURVEY 14:34 19 Sep 2010

I am also surprised how little attention this section of the forum gets. Maybe there is a better website forum elsewhere?

At present I am wrestling with a choice of HTC products - Desire, Desire HD or Z. Any thoughts? I am not really interested in a camera or video viewing, but mainly web surfing, email and a small amount of typing in.

  sunnystaines 15:55 19 Sep 2010

desire hd, if the same price and you can wait. if not the desire normal, but check it has android ver 2.2 some networks have not got this. I am liking this phone more each day as i learn more.

waiting for a clear night to test the google sky night app, not tested the satnav part yet. looking at the various apps can't believe the things some can do. never thought the voice control could be so good, would not mind similar on the pc.

  sunnystaines 15:26 20 Sep 2010

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seen this form, seems a bit more active, maybe so few people here have smartphones.

  HXP 19:18 03 Nov 2010

I have the non HD desire and it is brilliant for web surfing - first ohone I have had where web surfing is possible for extended periods.

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