VISTA and camera 'drivers'

  jack 09:09 23 Oct 2007

On another forum dealing with electronics problems in general a common 'bleat' is I cannot upload images from my camera becuae I have lost/do not have a driver CD '
My usual response is to say - No CD/Software/driver needed, Windows can do it all by itself, etc.
Increasingly how ever this plea is coming from folk with VISTA machines.
Has something changed here?
I appreciate other peripherals can have driver problems - but camera and other USB media devices?
Any enlightenment please.

  hssutton 10:27 23 Oct 2007

Jack it's a very rare occasion that I would plug a Camera into my pc, would normally use my card reader.

My wife recently bought an Olympus compact to take on a mini holiday (my DSLRs are to big for her) This camera takes the XD card, I hate these silly little things, my arthritic fingers just cannot handle them, so I put in a 2gb card knowing that she would not need more memory than this. On her return I just plugged the camera into the USB port and downloaded without software and without problem.

I also did the same for a friend who brought around an Fuji compact, saying she could not download the photos. I plugged the camera into the USB port of my Vista Ultimate machine, and again downloaded the photos without any problem.

So a relatively new Fuji and a new Olympus work ok without any special software. For the Fuji I used the import function of Picasa2, for the Oly I used lightroom

  jack 11:44 23 Oct 2007

I have the same situation- I use a card reader for any card [from my own or anyone else's camera]
Never plug the camera in[Think of the battery drain]
But there are folk who are relatively novice and they load the soft ware, or lose the disk and think the end of the world is nigh.
As I said - my standard response is to let Windows do the work- or tell them to unload the software and leave the disk in the box etc.,
But increasingly I see the bleat 'Driver for Vista' and as I do not have Vista[nor likely to] I wondered if indeed something had changed that I am unaware of.

  skidzy 13:49 23 Oct 2007

" But increasingly I see the bleat 'Driver for Vista' and as I do not have Vista[nor likely to] I wondered if indeed something had changed that I am unaware of ".

Nothing changed to my knowledge jack.
I do think its just inexperience,they see a disk and think they have to load this.

Though we should consider,those with limited knowledge may want to use the software for a little editing,though we know you can download some basic editing suites for free.

I beleive the damage is done when reading the box and what the software does....we know its not generally needed.

As you say,let Vista do the work.

  aine 20:24 23 Oct 2007

I use vista. I have a Fuji s5500, camera. My PC would not recognise the camera ,with or without the disc the only way that i can download the photos is to insert the card.

  jack 10:35 24 Oct 2007

Thank you for that 'aine'
As Skidsy says[and me] a USB removable media [Camera/Drive what ever] should not heed a driver -
After all your carder reader works, so summats up!
Another common query is 'in the realm of cameras that have internal memory- These too seem to have upload problems it seems.

  P1d 11:44 24 Oct 2007

I second hssutton, I always use my card reader.

It's recommended that cards are used via card readers and not through the cameras, also not to move from the card to the pc, use copy instead then to wipe the card reformat it in the device eg camera. This lengthens the cards life span by reducung read/write actions.

Hope this helps a little.

  jack 08:52 25 Oct 2007

That is good advice and is well known to us with experience
But guess as Digital photography has more or less supplanted film- at the consumer level anyway-
We will get these pleas becoming more and more common across all forums dealing in the subject

  anchor 14:16 25 Oct 2007

Yes, it seems that "ordinary" film photography is declining fast.

So much so, that the very large Kodak factory in Harrow is being pulled down. Probably any remaining demand will be supplied from their foreign plants.

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