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  the hick 08:00 15 May 2011

I am having to 'go digital' soon. I have a choice, of either a satellite dish and box set-up, or Virgin media, as their cables run past my house. I have no experience of either system, but I do realise the dish set-up would be my own, with no ongoing rental. I do not watch that much TV, so would not want movie and sport channels. As I do not know anyone with it, I am now trying to find out, whether there are any significant advantages and/or disadvantages to the Virgin system. Any advice would be much appreciated, based on others experience.

  BT 09:13 15 May 2011

Depends whether you want the Sky TV subscription or just the Freesat channels.

With Virgin you would of course have the option of the Virgin Phone and Broadband services as well. Equipment breakdowns are covered which is not the case with satellite boxes. Broadband speeds are as advertised and even with the minimum 10mb you will always get this speed or very close to it, with options of 20mb/30mb/50mb if you really want it.

  birdface 13:27 15 May 2011

If you have TV's that have Freeview installed in them and you have a half decent aerial at all you will pick up the channels with no problems. The better the aerial the more channels.

I am with Virginmedia at the moment and they have just put there prices up recently. Mine went up from £25 to £32 and I was not long telling them what to do with there service.

They did say all TV companies were putting there prices up at the same time.

I did say I thought it was a bit of a disgrace the state the Country is in at the moment and they are putting prices up.I did say maybe they should be thinking of bringing them down instead of putting them up.

They were not amused so they will be disconnecting me in about a fortnight.

Like I said if you have a half decent aerial and the proper TV your pictures should be perfect.

I run my TV downstairs with one of those old loop aerials that used to come with Portable TV'S and get great pictures from it and I am as far away from the signal mast that you can get.

I should also say that I only get about 12 TV stations on the one downstairs and all of the radio stations but get 3 times as many using a loft aerial upstairs.

  the hick 17:40 15 May 2011

BT and buteman, thanks for replies. Sky have an offer on now, until 31 May, hence my inquiry here. I am in Anglia region, and think I shall wait and see if existing loft aerial works with a new freeview box. I believe the digital signals will be enhanced when analogue is switched off, so good chance it will be OK.

  birdface 18:13 15 May 2011

the hick.

I can say and I am not biased but the Virgin freeview channels are fairly poor and the bigger the bundle you get the more poor channels you get.

Just trying to work it out the X Large TV bundle you get with Virgin I would imagine 75% of them you would never watch.

Now I don't know if sky is the same or not as I have never used it.

[so would not want movie and sport channels.] Ahh those were the days when you could view them all just for the price of your TV Licence and now you have to pay for both.

Satellite dish can be moved by the weather so would cost you for repairs.

Loft aerial put it up and forget about it.

My area was not in a digital area so I could not get freeview I was told.

Put a aerial in my loft bought a cheap Freeview box and got most of my channels.

I have been impressed by the pictures that I actually get using a little loop aerial when before I could hardly get a picture at all.

Stick with your loft aerial if Sport and Films do not interest you I will work out far cheaper.

Just looked at the Norwich changeover and that is not due till the end of November Not unless you have a closer transmitter that you can tune into.

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