Virgin Cable - how dies it work?

  jack 19:45 28 Feb 2010

A phone call from one of my flock earlier in the week- said help my Virgin internet has gone down.
I called over to the lady and checked that all was well her end, and a phone call to Virgin caused some tests and checks their end and confirms there was a fault and their man would be coming -- Next week- by Thursday 4th.
The assumption being apparently the heavy rain has got into the external'box'
Today- I called over for lunch and - she is still offline- but and here is the funny one -Virgin TV is working fine
How come?

  Strawballs 20:49 28 Feb 2010

That I don't understand because my modem comes off the same line as the TV with just a splitter in the line and before I got the V+ box the internet came from the TV box itself.

  BRYNIT 23:00 28 Feb 2010

My TV is connected to an external aerial for free view as well as the Virgin box which make me ask. Was your friend watching a channel via the Virgin box or was it a channel from the external aerial.

Although the signals do come through the same cable I've had time when the BB was down but the TV was OK.

  ^wave^ 09:24 01 Mar 2010

bring up a cmd window and type in ping
see if that works if it does then she has a connection. try a reboot of pc and modem

  jack 12:08 01 Mar 2010

With another Virgin user and he said he had a similar problem when 'gas guys' with their leak finder probe that they poke down between paving stones- must have hit a cable result - phone/BB off - TV OK.
Strawballs - we were watching Virgin alright with is multifarious chanellss and the Virgin screen top I/D'er

  oresome 15:48 01 Mar 2010

The local end for Virgin customers comprises a coaxial for the TV and a pair for the telephone / broadband all configured within one cable as I recall.

  BT 17:01 01 Mar 2010

There are two incoming cables. One for the Phone line and one for the TV. You can get Broadband on the phoneline if you don't have the TV service but the usual way is for the Broadband to use the TV cable. They fit a splitter box on the incoming TV cable with one lead to the Cable box and the other lead to the Cable MODEM. The two cables come from the small terminal box on the outside of your house. What goes on underground from their kerbside box to your house is anyone's guess.

  jitendrasnv 10:25 30 Mar 2010


What kind of cable it is ?i have never heard about it.

Can any one state its use?


  jack 17:39 30 Mar 2010

'What kind of cable it is ?i have never heard about it.'

Well it does not mean- a previously unused item.

Virgin[formally NTL World] supply TV/Broadband/Phone to homes via an underground fibre optic cable./

It is not something you buy from B&Q by the metre

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