Viera tv, sony soundbar , confused, new though should be straight forward set up

  squirejim 00:13 02 Feb 2015

Hey all, thanks in advance for opening this message, hopefully will keep it brief. I recently bought Panasonic viera tx-50AS650B tv and loving it. I also have a sony htct370 soundbar with wireless subwoofer. The sound bar has 3 hdmi inputs and originally I plugged All my devices to this and used the output hdmi to the telly. I only have 3 devices , sky, ps3 and blu ray player. All seemed fine, was weird having several remotes as would have to change the hdmi Input on soundbar and then do the same on tv, which meant sometime a delay I pic appearing as couldn't remember which hdmi was in what port. Anyways, you still with me? I then got some akg y45bt heDphones to use , mainly for late at night for ps3 but also sky . I couldn't get them to work on ps3 on existing set up, the phone could be found and paired briefly but would then boot it off. So, went back to basic and just plugged ps3 hdmi to tv, took out all other connections. Tv found headphones , so worked via tv, but am guessing I'm missing out on all the soundbar enhanced sound? Also, if I wanted to play ps3 through soundbar is have to constantly swap over hdmi ports. Now I'm confused about my other devices. Is the best way just to plug everything into soundbar, use this as the switch and have one hdmi input into tv. Or do I use 3 hdmi ports on tv and then find the output on tv to soundbar hdmi input? Confused.... Just wanting to make best use of equipment. Also I now have about 5 different remotes and would mean scrolling to hdmi port for sky ( for example) and the use tv removtw to scroll through to hdmi port on tv. Is this right ? Maybe A 1 control fits all would be best option. Happily grateful for any advice !! Tha sk a lot

  ams4127 19:50 03 Feb 2015

I'm somewhat confused as to why you plug all devices into the soundbar.....

I have all devices plugged into the TV and one (optical) output to the soundbar. This means that whatever device you are using at any particular time, will have it's sound playing via the soundbar.

Maybe I'm missing something.....?

  chub_tor 21:11 04 Feb 2015

ams4127 I'm with you on this one, use the TV HDMI sockets for all the video inputs and the audio optical/digital output from the TV to the Soundbar.

  jeeves19831 15:45 27 Jun 2015

Hi, I recently have set up my tv with sound bar etc. The problem is that you have devices by different makes. I have a Sony Bravia smart tv with a Sony sound bar along with a ps4 and sky. Using the hdmi ports means that all the Sony products work from the tv remote as long as the single output hdmi that goes to the tv is an arc hdmi cable. I also use an optical cable also. As you have a Panasonic tv, the main setup you must rely on is the optical cable only one. This way I have only two remotes, tv and sky. The arc hdmi cable means that if everything is off, turning on the PS4 will also turn on the tv nd the sound bar on the correct input. Without that arc cable along with the different brand devices you have means you have to keep multiple remotes and change input manually. Hope this helps.

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