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  conrail 14:39 08 May 2011

I volunteer for a nationwide organisation that raises money for charity, each area has been given a video camera to shoot social nights, cheque presentaions etc. I have been asked to do it for my area, once completed the videos are uploaded to the organisations website I can upload a maximum of 500Gb at one go, my query is: how long it that time wise? all help and advice appreciated

  natdoor 15:01 08 May 2011

That is a very large file. Are you sure that the figure is correct. I make it about the content of 12 DVDs. Upload time will depend on the quality of your broadband connection. Anything up to 600 hours.

  conrail 15:42 08 May 2011

thanks natdoor & ßeta, that should be 500Mb, just emailed the secretary who has all the paperwork and he has emailed the relevant sheets to me, I apologise guys.

  bremner 15:52 08 May 2011

If you have a broadband package that allows 1Mb upload then this is 0.125MB per second.

It would therefore take 500 / 0.125 = 4000 seconds = 67 minutes

  conrail 15:54 08 May 2011

sorry missed part of your question ßeta, the video will be mp4 but I can convert it using DVD Flick or DVD Fab

  conrail 16:14 08 May 2011

thanks bremner, I appreciate your help here's me thinking short films, about 10 minutes may be too long

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