vhs recording - picture but no sound

  mco 14:31 18 Mar 2006

Sorry if this isn't strictly digital; I don't know where else to ask. Have two tvs in two separate rooms. Both have VHS recorders. Main aerial comes into the living room then cables connect all tvs so we can all get satellite - therefor I can watch a video in one room that is shown on the vcr in the main living room. OK? But I am trying to record from the video in the living room onto the video in the other room and although it plays fine on the telly I can only get picture not sound. Any ideas? The second video does record fine usually as I've recorded with it from the freeview box in this second room . Have unplugged and plugged back in all connections - still picture but no sound!

  mco 20:01 18 Mar 2006

It won't work the other way round because the signal comes from the living room into the second room not vice versa.

  mco 14:35 19 Mar 2006

It's sorted - I disconnected the freeview box that I have in room 2 and reconnected the video to tv on its own - and then I got sound as well. Mind you, if ever I want to record from one video to another it will be a bit of a drag having to do that every time - but at least I know it works, although I don't know why.

  mco 23:31 20 Mar 2006

I've actually got one in a box somewhere that I used for another set up a couple of years ago -forgot all about it until your post - will dig it out, and thanks for reminding me!

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