vhs camcorder to pc

  gibfish26 16:13 09 Feb 2010

hi all.
i have a old jvc camcorder which i have just dug out from back of wardrobe,charged batteries up and it is working fine,i have found a tape with my late fathers 80 birthday on it,can anyone tell me if it is possible to transfer this to my pc so i can copy it to a disc.camcorder has audio/video out connections and a editing lead/connection.your help and advice would be much appreciated.thanks.

  hastelloy 16:26 09 Feb 2010

If you have a DVD recorder, the easiest way is to use this to put it on a disc. If your DVD recorder doesn't have audio/video in you can get an adaptor to connect to a scart socket click here You can then transfer it to PC for editing if needed.

  gibfish26 20:10 09 Feb 2010

hi marvin42,thanks for your response,unfortuneatly i dont have a dvd recorder i already have a scart adaptor,is this the only way that it can be done.cheers.

  hastelloy 11:03 11 Feb 2010

I had hoped that someone else might jump in. You could try click here for more specialised advice.

  gibfish26 14:17 11 Feb 2010

hi marvin42,thanks for the link i will take a look,my son has a DVD camcorder with memory card as well,we where thinking maybe we could connect the 2 camcorders together and transfer my video to his memory card or dvd disc.we are going to give it a try at weekend.thanks.

  Kevscar1 13:20 12 Feb 2010

Can you get hold of an edit lead. I used to transfer from my old JVC with no problems straight into Windows Movie Maker.

  gibfish26 15:28 12 Feb 2010

hi kevscar,i have a edit lead that came with the JVC,this has a small type jack plug on both ends,how would this connect to pc,did you have same lead or did you use a adaptor of some kind.

  Kevscar1 20:57 13 Feb 2010

Mine was a firewire lead which went syraight into my comp.
is yours one of these.

click here

If so look for the corresponding port on your comp.

  gibfish26 12:23 14 Feb 2010

kevscar thanks for the link,my camcorder does not have a firewire connection.it only has the jack type socket and audio/video connections.looks like mine is older model than yours.thanks.

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