verbatim blank media

  rubygxx 15:41 19 Apr 2011

Hi, i have just purchased 50 blank verbatim dvd-r, my problem is when i try to burn anything , my burner makes noises like its trying to but it just keeps revving, tried 3 discs, gave up and used one of my Sony discs, 2 mins later it was burned. I have used ones from poundland(3 for a pound) and never have any issues with them, i have checked the media code with imageburn on the verbatim ones and it is MCC03RG20, which is supposed to be one of the best blank media, the Sony ones were SONY16D1, again these were in the good list and i have never had any that did not work or give good results in playback, i do not understand why my burner wont burn the verbatim, i have it set at 6x to burn, all other blank media work fine ,anyone have any idea what, if anything , i can do to get them to burn or just chuck them, thanks for any suggestions

  Scillonia 13:11 20 Apr 2011

I have experienced similar issues with bulk bought disks but normally only affecting one or two disks. Have you contacted Verbatim, it could be a dodgy batch or compatibility issue.

  ICF 06:59 22 Apr 2011

Have you tried burning another brand disc after you have had trouble with the verbatum discs?

  rubygxx 14:23 22 Apr 2011

Hi and thanks for the replies, I had Sony blank discs that i use with no problem whatsoever, after trying 3 of the verbatim ones , i used a Sony one and it worked fine I took the verbatim back to the shop and got a refund, the last time i got verbatim blank dvd's from WH Smith it was the same thing, they were on sale , but i did not keep my receipt and when they did not work i gave them to a friend from work to try in his computer, they did not work for him either, i dont understand why as they were good media code, but i think i will stick to the Sony ones , thanks for the help.

  BT 18:30 22 Apr 2011

Been using Tescos own brand for ages now with no problems.

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