Using Virgin V+Plus HD Top Box.

  freaky 12:35 05 Dec 2009

Got one of these earlier this week. I am trying to copy a saved Video from the V+ Plus Box to a Panasonic DVD Recorder. Do I need to set the DVD Recorder to AV1 or AV2 in order to proceed?

Any help would be appreciated.

  BRYNIT 13:10 05 Dec 2009

Usually you would connect an external device to AV2 for recording AV1 usually goes to the TV. The easiest way to check would be to look at the back of your DVD recorder.

  freaky 14:25 05 Dec 2009


The DVD Recorder is connected to the Virgin V+ Plus Box via a Scart Lead. Normally when using the DVDR, I use AVI for playing a DVD and AV2 for recording. In the case I mentioned I am trying to copy a recording (Kingdom of Heaven)which is stored on the V+Box to the DVDR. I followed the instructions supplied by Virgin for doing this, but they do not mention whether I should set the Recorder to AV1 or AV2. When I tried yesterday I think I had set it to AV2 !!!!

  BRYNIT 17:51 05 Dec 2009

If you have connected the V+ box via a scart lead to the AV2 connection of your DVD player you would set it to record from AV2.

If you have recently connected the V+ box to the DVD recorder re check the scart leads are in the correct slot and are seated correctly. Remove and replace.

  freaky 18:05 05 Dec 2009

Thanks BRYNIT,

The Virgin technician installed the box earlier this week.....I vaguely remember him saying "when using the box in conjunction with the DVDR use AV1. Just remembered this!! I will have to experiment and come back to you.


  freaky 18:21 05 Dec 2009

The film 'Kingdom of Heaven' is the full version and lasted from 21.00 to 00.50. The DVDR was running the whole time and stopped after 4.50 hours.....don't know where it went though as it would not play back. All I got was a picture of the V Box instructions when I tried to play it !!

  BRYNIT 21:05 05 Dec 2009

Two thing come to mind.

1 I think this film would be copy write protected preventing you from copying it to DVD.

2 It would be too big to fit on a single DVD unless you reduced the quality.

  dfh 14:43 06 Dec 2009

Is this of any help? click here

  freaky 18:30 06 Dec 2009

Thanks DFH, but the box referred to is the Sky + Box, I am using a Virgin V+HD Box which I got last week. It was installed by them so the connections should be OK.


I was trying to copy the film to a Panasonic DVD-RAM DISC, these are supported by my Panasonic DVDR. I will try copying again, but to the Hard Drive instead.

  dfh 19:33 06 Dec 2009

Hi Freaky
the link actually tells you about the V+ box connections.When we record on to DVD, we switch from HDMI connection and to scart.
click here for the V+ user guide if that helps.

  dfh 19:39 06 Dec 2009

Me again I dont think that link will work, try here click here and then following the help/support link on right hand side to get to the user guide/manual.

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