using Samsung Kies help please

  sunnystaines 08:16 07 Oct 2012

on a galaxy 3 is kies preinstalled cannot find it? if yes how do i find it please.

as for the pc i take it i download fron here

once i connect the phone do they auto sync? or does the pc treat the phone as a hard drive and its copy and paste

just a little lost on kies

  morddwyd 08:43 07 Oct 2012

Kies is very flaky, and fussy about sequencing of operations.

You should be able to download it from the Samsung support site.

Not sure you'll find it listed on your device. It's part of the system software and fires up when required.

Synch will be automatic, once you can establish a connection, which may take a few attempts. It also takes some time so be patient!

My experience is with the S1 and the Note, not the S3

  sunnystaines 08:47 07 Oct 2012


so if i put it on the pc it should auto connect to the phone if wifi enabled? have i got it right.

  Nontek 09:00 07 Oct 2012

I have Kries installed on PC, I have set it to open automatically as soon as I attach my S3 to USB port. I have never had any connection problems between the two.

Yes phone should be Wifi enabled.

  Nontek 09:04 07 Oct 2012

Oops, sorry - Wifi does NOT NEED to be enabled on phone (I have just checked mine) if you are connecting via USB.

Phone will connect with Kries on PC via Wifi, but that is the users choice - I always connect via USB, perhaps that is why I do not have any connection problems.

  Nontek 09:06 07 Oct 2012

If you want to connect via Wifi, on the phone go to Settings>More settings and then scroll down to see Wifi for Kries.

  Nontek 09:08 07 Oct 2012

Hmm, I dunno where that 'r' came from in Kies :-)

  morddwyd 09:08 07 Oct 2012

Don't confuse him!

Forget wifi.

I've never got it to work yet!

  Nontek 09:13 07 Oct 2012

Make the auto-connect setting from within Kies on the PC.

There is a box to tick for auto-sync in Options in Kies.

  Nontek 09:14 07 Oct 2012

I agree with morddwyd, forget Wifi.

  Woolwell 14:50 07 Oct 2012

Suggest you only download from the Samsung support site UK support. Input your phone and then when it opens the relevant support page you will find downloads split between software and manuals. Kies will be part of the downloads. You will be sure using this method that you get the latest version of Kies which is regularly updated.

Wifi only works with a few Samsung phones (not the Galaxy 1) and as stated best forgotten.

Kies Air Samsung Kies Air though is useful to transfer photos, etc wirelessly.

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