Using an iphone abroad

  BradBourbon 17:20 14 May 2009

Hi, I am just about to get a new phone on contract and in the end have decided to go with the iphone. CAn someone please guide me. Can i use the iphone in Europe(Greece) if so can i use the internet, for instance to go online and book car hire. This isn't very clear on o2's website, but would this be a data transfer of which it costs £3approx for 2MB. How much surfing will I get for 2MB. or will it use a different methos.

  UK Sub 10:24 21 May 2009

My O2 Nokia N95 worked exactly the same in Crete last year (Quad band) as it does here, so I can see no reason why and iPhone wouldn't.

Data usage cost a fortune (added an extra £50 to the bill just to look at a few pages/sites once or twice a week).

How much surfing? It would depend an the size of the page (and I do stand to be corrected by someone more knowledgeable on this) but I would estimate about 8-10 pages per Mb (about 100kb per page x 10). click here

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