use a cellphone as modem

  angietkd 14:26 07 Jul 2011

I want my next mobile phone to act as my internet connection for my home devices. What Phone? Best provider? Best deals? Where do I start?

  Woolwell 13:26 09 Jul 2011

It may cost you a fortune and almost certainly more than getting a broadband deal. Have a close look at internet data charges. See how much a 3G dongle costs. I would not connect more than one device to a phone.

  angietkd 17:26 10 Jul 2011


thanks for your response Is it that cellpohone technology is not there yet or that providers are not willing to let go of connection revenues such as bt phone lines or cable.

  Woolwell 18:11 10 Jul 2011

The mobile providers want to make as much as they can and charge a lot for mobile data.

  angietkd 16:58 11 Jul 2011

Thought so

I don't mind them making a profit but deliberate restriction on the use of technology through extortionally high charges is immoral. Except for those fortunate enough not to have to live on a small budget. thanks for your posts

  bremner 19:16 11 Jul 2011

It is not a question of being immoral. The bandwidth available on mobile phone networks is limited so they have to try and limit usage so everyone can use it.

It was only a couple of yeatrs ago that iPhone contracts had unlimited data, that has stopped because the system simply could not cope.

  dms_05 10:57 21 Jul 2011

Buy an Android phone with v2.2 (Froyo) or later (2.3 is Gingerbread). This will allow you to operate the phone as a WiFi hotspot and you (or others) can log onto the internet using the WiFi facility on your computer device. Android Tethering now supports Infrastructure so you can have the hotspot running 802.11g with WPA encryption. You can also use MAC filtering to exclude unwanted users. I use my ZTE Racer phone, running v2.3 of Android, as a WiFi hotspot to allow my Android tablet to access the internet when I can't get free WiFi. I can also connect my W7 laptop to the Android phone with WiFi. I've noticed many iPhone users trying to piggyback onto my Android Tether without success.

My ZTE Racer is on '3' and was free with a contract costing £12/month. This gives phone/SMS/internet (the latter is 500 MB/month and is plenty for occasional use).

  Woolwell 13:30 21 Jul 2011

Use it as a wifi hotspot and watch the battery level decrease. Fine if it is connected to a charger at the same time.

  dms_05 12:20 22 Jul 2011

Good point about the battery in Hotspot mode. I have my Android on charge whilst using it as an hotspot.

If you look at the cost of a dongle's running costs then using your phone can look very attractive in comparison - but this depends upon how much data you will use.

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