USB Recorder and Sky+

  DJ Techz 12:51 13 Sep 2009


Im thinking of getting a Silvercrest USB Video Recorder from Lidl next week but was wondering, can i record recorded programmes from my sky+ box by using the scart adpater (scart to yellow, white, red).


(Hope that makes sense)

  anchor 14:17 13 Sep 2009

I am not familiar with this brand or model. However, to record from an external source the device would need an AV-in connection.

Many recorders don`t have this, (for example the excellent Humax); you would need to check. Often the scart socket is only AV-out.

  BRYNIT 16:45 13 Sep 2009

I cannot find a USB Video recorder offered by Lidl but did see the USB Video Grabber.

If it is the USB Video Grabber it's not actually a video recorder. It is a set of wires and a program that allows you to transfer videos etc from an external device like a video recorder and save them to your computer. It should allow you to connect the sky+ box via scart or the S-video out to your computer and transfer the saved recordings as long as they are not copyright protected.

  anchor 17:58 13 Sep 2009

Could it be this one?:

click here

Not a recorder; you could not expect one for £16.99.

  DJ Techz 20:22 13 Sep 2009

The USB Video Grabber is what im talking about , (i just worded it a bit differently). Thanks for the sdvice, Brynit.

  drewey 23:02 21 Sep 2010

it does what it says in a fashion
the only issue is the input/output quality
yes you can record off your camcorder or from vhs ect but the end result is far from the origional quality eg put your camcorder on a tripod & record a stationary object by the time you have put it throuhg this bunch of wires onto dvd you would swear you had held the camera afetr 30 pints
the bundled software is a demo version that will ask you for upwards of £30 to download any enhansement part of the program
it comes with power director 7 (demo)
i have power director 8 ultra full version & in my veiw you would be better off plugging your vhs or camcorder into your tv as you will get a far better picture & as for recording of your sky+ that will be a big no!!

  cozzer1 21:01 09 Oct 2011

I am trying the Silver Crest Video Grabber from Lidl and although I have extracted a digital file everytime I try to burn to DVD it sends my DVD writer into spasm and the power director programme says it has encountered a problem and has to close. Not impressed and I have to restart my computer to get the disc out. Look for a better product and software I think may be the answer.

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