USB to IDE for hd-when disconnected,fan still runs

  theDarkness 14:18 11 Mar 2011

I have a USB2 to IDE/SATA cable for connecting an internal hard drive to another pc, externally! My question is - when a hd is successfully disconnected from a computer using such a cable, should the hd fan spin down gradually/switch off? With the cable I have, it stays on at its usual speed-to anyone that has a similar cable-is this normal? I dont like having to switch off at the mains when its fan is running for no reason, incase there is a chance of damaging the drive, but there is no other way.

Its got no brand name on the box - apart from its title its just got a nice pic and "made in china" (!), and was very cheap on ebay (around £7, compared to £25 at maplin). Its psu gets quite hot after 10-15 mins. I think for this reason alone I would like to buy another, just in case it gives up on me whilst running, but I think even if it was £15 and a known brand that would be overpriced (unless you are able to connect more than one hd at once). thanks for any info

  wiz-king 15:13 11 Mar 2011

On most computers the USB ports are still 'live' when the machine is turned off. The front panel switch does not turn the mains off.

  theDarkness 17:26 12 Mar 2011

right now Im also trying this usb2 to ide cable with its psu out on a laptop and seperate desktop. Both do the same-the external hds fan still spins fast, when the drive has been disconnected via windows and the cable has been taken out of the pc (or even the hd itself). I just dont like the sudden stop of the fan when I click that mains switch, it sounds harsh (compared to the gradual slow down of before, when was in a desktop)- as if I might be damaging the hd. Im guessing that since the usb to ide cable is now out of the system or disconnected via windows, the sudden stop of a fan is no big deal, and that only thing likely to go wrong would be the psu giving in and damaging the hd that way.

For anyone that has used an external hd usb to ide or sata cable before with its own psu, did the psu that came with it get too hot to touch after 20 mins of use? Since my own was rather cheap, im thinking not, as that may be the sole reason as to why mine does. I might be able to get a seperate psu to power up the internal ide hd to go with the cable, but the only problem there is finding the exact psu that matches the hd and wont heat up/ruin the drive from a good reliable brand. A psu for an internal drive for use with an ide to usb cable is hard to find seperately. It would seem that the psu that you get with most cables is the bulk of what you are really paying for.


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