USB cable from phone to pc, picture transfer!

  gazmix 19:19 16 Jan 2010


I have this a SGH-G600 Samsung phone with picture on it that i want on my pc!

I have a USB cable that i can plug in the phone & then the pc, but there seems no way to transfer pics over!
It looks for software!
I thought i could just send pics via the cable as jpeg images to my folder of choice!

Help appreciated

  tullie 20:27 16 Jan 2010

Does it show if you open 'Computer' or 'My Computer',where it shows your hard drives etc?If so you could copy and paste from there,after double clicking your phone icon.

  gazmix 20:41 16 Jan 2010

I get a 'find new hardware' wizard & it asks me if i want to insert a disk & install the software automatically.
It says it cannot install the hardware as it can't find the software!!

  gazmix 00:46 17 Jan 2010

i didn't think i needed a disk!!
i use a digital voice recorder the same via usb & i can send voice recordings to my pc in media player format, but i'm unsure why i can't with pics!

  Strawballs 07:54 17 Jan 2010

If you look in the settings on the phone there might be a way of setting the phone to mass storage device while connected by usb, I have the U900 and it will only work that way without the software, if not you should be able to download the required software from Samsung

  Strawballs 07:56 17 Jan 2010
  gazmix 14:07 17 Jan 2010

In phone settings > USB settings i get the options

1. Ask on connection
2. Samsung PC studio (thats default setting)
3. Media Player
4. Mass Storage
5. Printer

which should i set it to & will it stop the wizard starting & i how then do i send photos from my phone to pc?


  Strawballs 22:30 18 Jan 2010

Number 4 mass storage device that is what I set my U900 to and when I plug it in it just thinks it is the same as a USB stick and you transfer music, pics etc as drag and drop

  Noels 10:23 19 Jan 2010

With the phone connected via my USB cable as described above then
On my computer I go to :-
All Programmes
Scanner and Camera Wizard
and follow the instructions. I download to My Pictures
Hope this helps

  gazmix 12:44 19 Jan 2010

Ok, i used the mass storage setting & managed to resize them to 800x600 for upload!
It seemed strange that when it opened like a USB stick, it showed all folders on memory card & not 'phone' folders!, so i had to transfer all the photos from 'my files>images' to my files>images>memory card images, before i could see them in the E:\ drive folders !!

  gazmix 14:02 19 Jan 2010

I have a few MP4 & 3GP files on my phone, that are videos, but i can't seem to open them via the same way!

Would i need to set my phone to Media player?

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