is upscaling just a kind of interpolation?

  eggzy43 21:27 01 Jul 2008

Sorry if this has been covered elsewhere, and I also apologize in advance if I’m totally missing the point. I’m new here. Remember when digital cameras used the 'interpolation' con to make them seem better than they actually were? The resolution of say 800 x 600 was 'interpolated' using clever software to give bigger pictures. The misanthropists like me would always say: ”well, you can’t get out any more pictorial detail than has been put in in the first place!” but maybe you can create the illusion…up to a point. So is upscaling just a kind of interpolation, and if so is it worth the outlay?

  anskyber 10:48 02 Jul 2008

Yes it is, of a kind.

Does it make a difference? Well it rather depends but on the whole I have found that upscaled DVDs do give some noticeable improvement.

HD TV can sometimes be upscaled rather than true HD, ie recorded in HD. When viewing HD TV (Sky) I have found some of the recorded material obviously SD and upscaled but other programmes sensationally good. The live sports programs are outstanding.

So, upscaled seems to fit (to me as an observer) between SD and HD.

  eggzy43 17:04 02 Jul 2008

thanks for the info anskyber, i'll take that all on board. so maybe i can get an affoidable dvd player. the one i have is a cheapo £25 unit from asda.
i wonder if my tv [tevion 42" led] has built-in upscaling?

  jack 20:04 02 Jul 2008

may be more versatile than some Hi-end fussy unit that cost lots.
I use such a unit in my mobile slide /movie shows because these units are less fussy about the disk type. indeed some bright spark once said -
' A 'cheapo' will get an image off a beer mat.'

To bear this out, when I was on cruise and invited to give a presentation- I took the disks to the A/V techie and asked him to check them out.
'Well' he said 'This Broadcast quality kit is a bit fussy - but up here in the rack we have this 'Special' item for just this sort of occasion -
And there it was - A cheap Wall Mart player.
Thought you might like to know that -

  eggzy43 02:47 03 Jul 2008

yes jack,
come to think of it , it >does< play anything you throw at it! its made by TECNIK. just as a point of interest i got a TEVION 42" lcd tv from aldi for £560. and although i'm no expert and hhave yet to see it's HD it seems superb!!! check it out. i went into aldi with the missus to get a set of wood chisels and came out with the chisels...and the telly!

  anskyber 11:04 03 Jul 2008

Material which is upscaled tends to be done by the DVD player not the TV. The TV will interpret the material to make the best of what is on offer.

Generally (but not exclusively) DVDs with HDMI outputs and TVs with HDMI inputs are required to transmit upscaled material. Component (not composite) connectors can also work but not always through all the options.

Agree with anskyber it is the dvd player that allows you to upscale your dvds to different output levels.
You will see a hell of a difference on upscaling especially the movie Flushed away and The bank Job it is crystal clear.
Just waiting for sky HD to be installed to see the sport in true HD.

  eggzy43 14:54 06 Jul 2008

...sorry if it's somewhat unrelated but Im also gonna get the
Logitech X-540 Multimedia Speaker System 5.1
next month, judging by the reviews on AMAZON it's a giant killer! for £55. The built-in sound on the telly is flat as a pancake! does anyone know any better (cheap) systems?


  GRIDD 02:14 12 Jul 2008

Anyone looking a good branded upscaling DVD player I can vouch for the Philips DVP5960 and DVP5980.

I bought the 5960 for £50 for the bedroom and then the old player downstairs needed replaced and got the better model for £58.00

I'm using the 5980 with Belkin Pure AV HDMI cable which costs more than the dvd player -- usually £59.99 but I got mine for £14.99 by chance, luck and a brass neck in the local Currys.

They are not fussy about discs I have chucked all sorts at them and they have a sound resyncing feature for any downloads that are a bit off.

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