Uploading CD's to phone question!

  gazmix 16:45 19 Mar 2013


I have a Sony Ericsson w995 & a whole bunch of CD's that i want to upload onto it!

How do i do this please!? I have the data cable that came with it!


  AroundAgain 21:07 20 Mar 2013

What I have done is to copy the CD to the PC, then open Windows Media Player and convert to MP3, then copy over to your phone. Obviously, I've assumed you are on PC and have Windows. However, there are lots of other software to do the job if you search, ie via Google I hope that helps you?

  gazmix 15:22 23 Mar 2013


I am very much a novice at this. How do i connect the cd player to the pc? Do i need any kind of software suites on the pc?

When i hit play on the cd, will it automatically play on pc with WMP?

I have Windows xp pro.

  gazmix 15:23 23 Mar 2013

Could do with some step by step instructions here to make life easier i feel! :-)

  Woolwell 12:27 30 Mar 2013

The majority of PC's have cd players built in. Search Google for WMP CD ripping.

  Woolwell 20:34 30 Mar 2013

More spam - change of name to cnhat1.

  rdave13 23:00 30 Mar 2013

Have a look here.

  gazmix 14:53 31 Mar 2013

thanks rdave, i'll have a look at that, seems straight forward enough!

only have my Navigator & Javascript issue to sort now!

  gazmix 13:40 01 Apr 2013

which format do i save tunes to if i want to upload them onto phone?


  Nontek 14:45 01 Apr 2013

For Phone - MP3

  hasini 08:50 02 Apr 2013

Hai hello to everyone.I am new here.

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