geek84 10:06 06 Sep 2010

Hi Folks

I bought a Tom Tom One about 3 years ago. Is it necessary to 'update' it every now and again, because of route changes (new roads being built every now & again) etc?

If so, how do I go about updating my Tom Tom? The cd that was provided with it does not seem to work properly.

Thanks in advance for your response.

  Marko797 14:13 06 Sep 2010

u need to download Tom Tom Home from click here

3 years ago is a long time ago so there may be quite a few updates.

  anchor 16:48 06 Sep 2010

No its not really necessary, and you do have to pay for the updated maps. The price will depend of which maps you need; e.g; for Western Europe it would be about £50. Only you can decide if its worth it.

It is likely that after 3 years a new operating system, (they call it Navcore), will also be available without charge. All this is done using TomTom "Home" which you should install. The latest maps, in conjunction with the newer operating systems, are improved with Lane Guidance display, which helps at complex junctions.

They also have something called Quickfix, which helps to get quicker fixes on the satellites. No charge for this.

click here

  anchor 09:27 07 Sep 2010

I see you have also posted on the dedicated TomTom forum. The advice there is more or less the same as above.

  geek84 13:38 04 Feb 2011

Hi Folks

I tried to update my Tom Tom this morning and got the following error message-

The internet server has an internal error.

What does that mean? Is there something wrong with the internet connection? If so, I can't see anything wrong, since I have browsed on other websites.


  anchor 13:48 04 Feb 2011

Did you ever update your device?. Even without paying for newer maps, there certainly would have been a new version of Navcore available.

Newer version of "Home" have been released too; (although I would keep clear of the very latest. Version seems to be OK).

As regards the server problem, it might be a problem at TomTom`s end. I suggest trying again either later today, or tomorrow, and see what happens.

  geek84 17:14 04 Feb 2011


Thanks for your reply.

I have had my Tom Tom for 3 years and have never (foolishly) updated it (I don't travel long distances too often).

Anyway, apart from the server problem, there is another pronlem -

The site says I need to pay approx. £39 to have the latest maps on my device. Does that sound right to you or is it a rip off?

Can I download new route maps free from any website?

Thanks in advance.

  anchor 09:38 05 Feb 2011

You only "need" to pay anything IF you wish to have new maps; that is your choice. Your device will work fine with the older maps, albeit not with any road changes.

However, you can update the Navcore operating system, and have Quickfix free using "Home".

You cannot obtain free maps because TomTom maps are linked to individual devices, and updates must be paid for.

  geek84 14:48 20 Feb 2011

Hi Folks

I tried to update my Tom Tom again this morning. I still get the following message on the screen -

The internet server has an internal error.

What does that mean?

My internet seems to be working fine.


  john 52 16:44 20 Feb 2011

Before you do any changes to the tom-tom I suggest you do a backup of your device as tom-tom is notorious for being corrupted while updating

have a look at the

click here

click here

The website has an extremely helpful forum which deals with just sat navs

  anchor 10:07 21 Feb 2011

This is a very common problem with the TomTom site. If you Google "tomtom The internet server has an internal error" you will find numerous examples.

First, as advised, do make a back up!!!. It is best not to use TomTom Home to do this, instead use this method

click here

Keep trying to connect to the TomTom web site, and if the error message persists, contact TomTom support:

0845 161 0009

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