Unwanted web site on my phone

  ponytail 12:18 07 Feb 2019

Last night I went to use Google Chrome on the phone but when I clicked Google Chrome shortcut the following is what came up. www.giffgaff.com I do not know where it came from and seem unable to remove it Any help/advice appreciated

  ponytail 12:19 07 Feb 2019

Have just found the following on Google remove GIFFGAFF from Chrome home page - The giffgaff community

  ponytail 12:22 07 Feb 2019

The following is what I found on Google click here

  wee eddie 14:18 07 Feb 2019

One assumes that with your constant search for a cheaper costs on your phone, you have asked/signed up for GiffGaff who are probably one of the cheapest suppliers around

  ponytail 10:19 08 Feb 2019

It seems to have gone now but not sure how I removed it will see if it comes back.I am quite happy with the phone I have and do not need another one.Thanks for the replies

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