unlocking a mobile phone

  sunnystaines 08:00 03 Jul 2013

my impending house move means no phone signal for my mobile phone with the provider i am with, its looking like they may cancel my contract when they finish looking at the problem.

if they do how do i unlock the phone to use another provider sim card. tried CPW they do not do it, in our local market several traders offer the service but not sure about trusting them is there any other stores outlets i could use.

  morddwyd 20:02 03 Jul 2013

There's almost certainly a forum for your phone, you could also have a look at xda developers.

Also several on-lie sites offer a code (at a cost) which is simply what your local traders do anyway.

  sunnystaines 20:20 03 Jul 2013


thanks i will look for samsung 3

  morddwyd 07:08 04 Jul 2013
  AroundAgain 23:03 04 Jul 2013

Your carrier should be able to unlock your phone for you, if they are happy to, ie if still with contract.

However, having said that, I have been trying for several months to get O2 to unlock my old phone. I've had endless 'chat' sessions, phone calls, phone call with Customer Services who say the issue is now 'escalated', been promised the unlocking code within 72 hours. It is just unbelievable.

The other day, in town on market day, I stopped off to chat to a guy who has his truck/stall there regularly and reliably, sells printer inks etc and some other computer type stuff but this time he had a notice displaying he could unlock any phone within 10 mins so I felt a chat was in order.

Seemingly, Sony close their database, allowing only a few codes to be available before closing again. It appears Sony are reknowned for this? This guy has the software to bypass all that and the other guys on the market who unlock phones actually then bring the customers phones to him to do the job.

I'm obviously very disappointed with o2 for just letting this matter go on for months without explaining there was a problem. Needless to say, a letter is about to be written to explain why I'm so disappointed with their service!

Anyway, thought I would mention this, just in case any of you have similar issues.

  sunnystaines 09:29 05 Jul 2013


I was thinking of moving to o2 from three, but cannot understand why in the day of the smartphone o2 do not do unlimited surfing on their packages, a few youtube clips or catchup on bbc iplayer and your quota is gone for the month, but they do at lease have a better coverage in rural areas whereas three is poor outside large towns.

morddwyd spent a while on your link, but could not find the codes.

  morddwyd 20:30 05 Jul 2013

Used "unlockingshop.co.uk to unlock my S1 last year, mail link

[email protected]

No reason to suppose link is no longer current.

Fairly foolproof system, well, it worked for me!

  sunnystaines 08:48 06 Jul 2013



  rocks123 10:36 25 Jul 2013

You need not to worry because there are many techniques available for unlock mobile ...To make it in easier way means use online unlocking services through website ...For free service use Unlock-free.com..Its for basic mobile models ..or visit Simpleunlocking.com for other mobile

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