Unknown text message sent from my Phone

  ponytail 15:31 25 Nov 2015

Was just wondering if anyone could have a explanation for the following. While I was in the chequout queue in the supermarket my phone rang and it was my wanting to what the text message she had just received from me meant it said I'm class.I checked my phone and it said that message had been sent from my phone to my wifes phone.How could that happen as I definitely did not send any message.Someone would need to know both numbers and even then how would they do it.Anyone got any explanations.

  lotvic 19:01 25 Nov 2015

You did not lock the keypad before putting phone in your pocket.

  ponytail 12:18 27 Nov 2015

Thanks for the reply Lotvic but the phone locks it's self after a while of non use so do not think that is the answer.I always have to unlock it to use it even after about five minutes of not being used and it has never happened before or since.

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