Unable to set up email on phone

  ponytail 07:19 12 Mar 2016

I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini and kept getting occasional tingling sound and just could not stop it.Went to my Tesco phone shop and they said i was asking me to sign into my hotmail account.Tried to but would not accept the password so was told to cancel the account and set it up again.Now seem unable to set it up.I did change the password on my laptop but have never used a password on the phone so tried to use the old password but need to use the + key but cannot find it.Any help appreciated or will have to go back to Tesco.

  RV510 10:13 12 Mar 2016

I think that you have to set up an email account in Google and then you can import you other email addresses to receive and send from them. Do you have the phones user manual?, if not Google search 'Samsung S3 Mini User Manual PDF' and you'll find one that you can download and read how to set up email.

  ponytail 10:45 12 Mar 2016

Have found this and saved it but when I go into email on the phone and get set up email I enter the address but it does not accept the password.As I said I changed my email password on the laptop but have never used a password on the phone.I wanted to try the old password but seem unable to find + key on the phones keyboard and need that to try the old password.

  ponytail 10:50 12 Mar 2016
  Zak 11:06 12 Mar 2016

hello ponytail Still not clear. Do you have a google mail/gmail email account as mentioned by RV510 above? AS your phone is Android you will need a gmail email account to set it up, as per page 13 top left of the user manual you linked to above.

Create your Google Account

  Zak 11:11 12 Mar 2016

ponytail re + key on the phones keyboard Page 13 of User Manual: "Text Input Mode" button needs to be tapped to change the keyboard from text to numbers. There you will find the + key.

  Zak 14:19 12 Mar 2016

Google account to configure phone and make full use of android device. Not sure if OP has already done this and if this is the sticking point.

Agree with your point toejams.

  ponytail 14:40 12 Mar 2016

I have just changed the Hotmail password on my laptop but still unable create a hotmail account on the phone.I seem to have G Mail on the phone

  Gordon Freeman 18:30 12 Mar 2016

I might be wrong, but I'm sure 'hotmail' doesn't exist as such, you need to use 'Outlook' which you can download via google play store. You'll then need to set it up using your hotmail account details (which it still recognises apparently).

click here

  lotvic 21:56 12 Mar 2016

as per toejams said, page 86 seems straightforward enough.

Your email password will be same no matter what device you use to collect the emails (tablet, pc, laptop, smartphone)

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