Unable to get money programmes on digital tv

  EFC1878 13:02 14 Feb 2011

Hopefully somebody can help. I live in an area that has gone digital however recently the channel coverage is terrible. We are in the Mendip transmitter area and recently I am able to get only 10 channels on each of 3 tvs - one is a digital tv the others are hooked up to a freeview box. We have always had more channels than this but now cannot even get any bbc channels.

Does anybody have any ideas what the problem may be and what I should do before reverting to the last resort of fiddling with the aerial?

  BRYNIT 13:20 14 Feb 2011

Have you retuned the TV/Freeview box, some cahnnel may have changed causing problems with others.

  EFC1878 13:34 14 Feb 2011

Sorry I meant to say 'many' not 'money' channels...

Yes I ahve unplugged and re-tuned but with no improvement

  BRYNIT 14:23 14 Feb 2011

Did you retune for all channels as though it was a new unit. Scanning for more channels does not work always.

How old is you aerial/cable outside?

Check for damange to the outer cable if this has let water in it will cause all sorts of problems.

  Terry Brown 15:03 14 Feb 2011

On the channels that you do receive, is it a weak signal i.e. less than 5%?

It seems that they are the process of adjusting your channels and signal strength.

You may need to move your arial slightly, as it looks like they could be moving transmitters.

Are your 3 tv's all connected to the same arial, as that could cause the problem.

As a short term fix, get a signal booster from your local supermarket, electrical store (from £5 to £15) and see if that helps.

I have attached a map of your signal channels and coverage area's.


click here

  EFC1878 13:37 15 Feb 2011


Yes I have tried various permutations i.e. normal auto retuning; deleting and unplugging then reconnecting; going back to factory settings and even manual tuning but all to no avail.


Thanks for the link which is very useful as it indicates that some frequencies have a lower signal strength than others. What does confuse me however if that the mendip site indicates that the BBC channel frequency isat aximum yet I cannot get BBC on any of the 3 TVs.

I do have an amplifier downstaris to take in the main coaxial and then feed tvs around the house. Are you suggetsing another device?


This might sond stupid but what the hell... If some of the prongs [for want of a better word] on the aerial are bent would that have any affect on receving certain channels?

  BRYNIT 17:22 15 Feb 2011

I don't think a few bent prongs woulds affect the signal too much but if you aerial/cable is over 15-20 years old you may have damage to the cable letting in water. Have you checked the cable?

  EFC1878 19:36 15 Feb 2011

Thanks for getting back to me. I spent a bit of time in the dark and rain streching out and managed to straighten a number of prongs. As a result each of the 3 x tvs now 20 tv and 11 radio channels.

At least thaqt is a start however I do expect that with proper attention the tvs should be attracting more channels. Might be that the aerial needs re-positioing or even a new one altogether.

With regard to checking the cables a loft conversion which prevents access to the wires

  BRYNIT 00:05 16 Feb 2011

Have you asked your naghbours if they are having the same problems. If they are recieving all channels the problem could be the aerial and it might be an idea to replace it especially the cable with a better qualty.

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