Unable to download digital pictures from camera

  melvyn 15:27 20 Jun 2006

Using a Nikon Coolpix 3310 I have used Compact Flash cards for years with no problems, however I now have a problem with my flash card which holds my daughter's wedding photos (taken this last weekend).

I can see all the pictures on the camera screen, and can see them all on a TV screen, but can not get NikonView to download them.

If I change the flash card the download works. I've tried this card in a friend's camera (same model), and he can't get it to download. I've also tried another friend with a card reader - again no downloads.

From the above process I'm sure its the Flash card which is causing problems - I've tried to clean the contacts using a computer vac but with no luck.

I assume that if I can see the pictures on a TV, there should be a way of feeding these pictures into the PC, but I'm looking for help.

  Minkey1 15:38 20 Jun 2006

I'm assuming from what you say, you don't use a card reader, but connect the camera via USB ?

If connecting it brings it up as a Universal Storage Device, can you open the card pic folder, rather than use NikonView ?

If you can, could you simply copy the pics over from that ?

It sounds as if the card is not completely duff as you can see the pics on your camera screen and on a TV.

  Minkey1 15:40 20 Jun 2006

BTW, meant to say "Good Luck" - a daughters wedding does qualify as a special occasion !

  melvyn 16:06 20 Jun 2006

Hi Minkey1 - thanks for your comments.

Yes we do not have a card reader, but use the USB connector.

It does come up under explorer as an extra drive, however when opening it, through DCIM, Nikon etc, it reports that file is corrupted/empty.

I have just downloaded a file recovery software package (Sandisk rescuePro -free demo only opens but will not save), which has found all the pictures - I'm just going to check out how much it costs to "buy" the software such that I can save the pictures.

Would a card reader be a better bet to use in future than the camera software?

Thanks for your interest - any other comments to save mne buying the full version of RecuePro?



  goffer23 10:36 21 Jun 2006

It might be worth trying downloading the pics into an image editor rather than use the NikonView program.
Depending on the age of your camera and PC, a card reader could give you the advantage of USB 2 and hence faster download speed - they are also more convenient rather than hitching the camera up every time.

  Minkey1 17:46 21 Jun 2006

If it was me, avoiding aggro from the distaff side is worth any amount of software !

Others may be able to suggest freeware/cheapware to achieve full recovery. I've tried the evaluation version of WinUndelete click here but it doesn't actually recover the files - you have to pay the full £27 odd for that.

Googling on SanDisk RescuePro suggests it comes free with some CF cards, that may be a way to reduce the cost if it works with all cards, and you're in the market for a new card anyway.

I agree with Goffer that a reader can be useful -but I'm prone to catching USB leads and pulling kit off the desk ! You're also not using the camera battery during the process.

Good luck.

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