UK DAB Radio Service - the world's worst

  GRFT 07:53 14 Oct 2005

Another reason you should get a Freeview box. click here

  vinnyT 15:38 14 Oct 2005

There's a shock!

  GRFT 12:31 15 Oct 2005

Sorry, should've checked first. This is obviously now old hat.

  wee eddie 19:44 01 Nov 2005

That conclusion has been painfully obvious for a long time, but the Government is steamrollering it through. Who's paying the Piper I don't know, but I doubt that there's any other reason for such an inferior product to be pushed.

DAB is only good for teenagers with buds in their ears.

If you have any taste and enjoy your music, of any kind but the crudest, you'll not bother with it.

  GRFT 07:09 05 Nov 2005

Right, Wee Eddie; one wonders if this push isn't a precurser to the government deciding to abolish FM Radio and force us all to listen to the inferior DAB system.
It's interesting to note that other countries, namely Canada and Finland, are having second thoughts about DAB and are not now going ahead with any further development.

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