TZ7 can contents of DCIM be viewed on camera sceen?

  claridge 21:00 12 Dec 2011

I put the images on my camera on my computer and it was set to delete them from the card. Hubby wanted them kept on camera to show friends. I copied back the images and are now in DCIM folder but I can't view them in the camera - is there a way to do this?

  onionskin 23:51 12 Dec 2011

I have a Panasonic FS15, the instructions state that data can't be written from camera to PC via USB, I assume your camera's software is pretty much the same.

Have you got a memory card slot on your PC? You may be able to transfer the photos to the card and then view them in your camera. Have a look at the folder structure in your instructions, the way I understand it is that the pictures should be in a folder which you drag and drop into the DCIM folder, or you should drag and drop the pictures into one of the folders already in the DCIM folder (with a max number of 999 pictures in a folder).

  claridge 08:14 13 Dec 2011

Hi - yes I have done that and camera now shows 70 images in the DCIM folder - however they can't be viewed on the screen and that is the object of my exercise.

  onionskin 22:21 13 Dec 2011

It seems to me that the images should be in a folder in the DCIM folder, rather than directly in the DCIM folder - and that these folders are created by the camera as needed - called Pana1, Pana2 etc.

If there are no folders in the DCIM folder, create one. I would delete the images that you've added to the DCIM folder on the card then put the card in the camera and take a photo. This should create a folder with that photo in it, then put the card in your computer, find the new folder in the DCIM folder, delete the new photo to avoid file name conflicts, then copy the photos from the computer into the new folder.

It might work. Alternatively, buy him a digital photo frame for Christmas.

  onionskin 22:28 13 Dec 2011

Ooops, my first reply should read, data can't be written from PC to the camera via USB. But, that's for my camera.

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