Two dud SD Cards?

  HighTower 18:54 05 Jan 2008

Just bought a 4GB SD card today from Maplin, got it home and my camera (a Nikon D50) can't read it and displays an error (CHA), and my PC also cannot read it via a card reader. I tested the camera with another card and it worked fine, the PC was also fine and could read this other card.

Took it back to Maplin who were happy to exchange it, but the new card also has the same problem. Two dud cards seems unlikely, but possible, but could there be another problem?

The card is not locked, and when I try to access it on the PC (running Vista) the 'busy' mouse pointer appears and nothing happens, even after around half an hour.

Any ideas?

  Al94 19:02 05 Jan 2008

Have a read here, seems like compatibility problems with many cameras and card readers click here

  HighTower 20:25 05 Jan 2008

Thanks for the link. After a bit of googling it appears that the problem may be that neither the Nikon nor my card reader can read the 4GB card.

However, I've also found out that if I can find a card reader that can format the card then the Nikon should be able to read and write to the card.

So, it looks like a few emails to friends to see if anyone has a card reader that can work with the 4GB card.

Thanks again for your help.

  Strawballs 20:30 05 Jan 2008

4gig is big check with camera's paperwork to see if compatible with card that large and card readers can struggle. The reader in my 3yr old laptop won't read cards over 1 gig but the one in our HP photosmart printer will read my 2gig cards but never tried it with 4gig.

  Strawballs 20:31 05 Jan 2008

must type faster

  Stuartli 20:34 05 Jan 2008


click here

(link included to memory card reader/writers which are compatible with up to 4GB cards).

  hssutton 21:07 05 Jan 2008

According to click here 2gb could be the max size card for the D50

  HighTower 21:31 05 Jan 2008

Yup! Think that is the case. Didn't realise that 4GB was that much. I think that we get so used to memory and storage being so huge that now and then we just assume that it will work.

I'll try and get the card recognised in a card reader and then see if the D50 will recognise it. According to the book it shouldn't, but I've read a few links that say it can.

Thanks to all for posting.

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