oldnovice 09:27 14 May 2006

Hi i have just got a sony freeview box and a liteon dvd recorder have tuned everything in the tv sees and plays freeview and recorder but the recorder cant see the freeview box to record i have setup main tv aerial to freeview aerial lead fom freeview to recorder recorder out to tv
freeview scart to to rcorder freeview scart to tv
recorder scart to tv can anyone help

Thanks Dave

  BRYNIT 10:17 14 May 2006

To record from freeview box you will need to switch to AV2 in your recorder channel select.

If you have done this check that you have connected the scart leads correctly.

Last it could be a bad connection. Remove and re seat scart leads.

  Monoux 11:09 14 May 2006

Try click here
or click here

or click here scroll to near the bottom

  oldnovice 12:10 14 May 2006

Hi BRYNIT and Monoux have tried all above still no joy dvd recorder is av1 freeview av2 dvd recorder auto tunes to tv stations the only other settings are in system which are COMPONENT,
SCART S-VIDEO,SCART RGB, PROGRESSIVE,have tried all of these no luck.


  oldnovice 15:44 14 May 2006

Thanks for help now sorted there was a source menue on the recorder which i had to set to scart so simple yet so frustrating

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