TV Tuner for laptop for UK & US TV

  User-1015816 14:38 07 Apr 2007

I want to buy a digital TV Tuner for my friend's laptop, preferably some sort of USB stick. She does travel around a lot in her car, so I would ideally like it to be portable, rather than tied to a main aerial. Also, she regularly goes for holidays in the U.S.A. so it would be good if the Tuner worked there in the same way too. Can anyone help please?

  Stuartli 19:57 07 Apr 2007

A UK model will not work in the US - other countries have different specifications for DTB (the nearest to that of the UK of which I'm aware is Italy). See:

click here

In addition a diferent TV standard is used in the States i.e. NTSC.

  User-1015816 12:35 09 Apr 2007

Thanks for the response. Obviously the U.S. idea is out of the window. If I were to buy just a U.K. only model with the same specs, what sort of things should I look for and be aware of? Would she need an additional T.V. License?

  Stuartli 13:13 09 Apr 2007

If your friend already has a TV licence she will not normally require a second one.

As you plan to buy a USB stick then this link may be of interest:

click here

Freeview reception varies from town to town and even street to street, so the more help the better.

In addition, to pick up Freeview channels when in other transmitter areas, a channel scan will be necessary each time.

  User-1015816 14:56 10 Apr 2007

Thanks, I think that answers all my questions then!

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