TV Tuner Card!

  Shantei 14:46 26 Jun 2007

I am currently on the search for a TV-Tuner card.

My X1900 XT supports the stuff that is needed (VIVO)

I have never bought or owned a TV-Tuner card and would really like to take advantage of it, it sounds really cool

So I was wondering if you could pick out from this website:

click here

..a decent card for me. I'd also say to keep the prices below £60. Unless it's too good to miss!

Also I have a few questions about the way I transfer the signals. I have 2 or 3 options here I think. I have the S-video cable here, the Composite cable and Component video cables. Are these Component video cables output ones though? Simply because they aren't pins themselves, they're receivers meaning they would transfer the image to a television aye? Can someone clarify me on that please?

Also with my S-video cable, I can't see where I'd plug the end in to. I wish to connect this all to my Sky Digital Box and I presume the end would go into the back there, but seeing as there isn't one, I can't use S-Video aye?

Therefore, it's Composite I guess! Plug this into the tuner card and back into the Sky Box and away I go.

Someone clarify on all of this please?

Also, does it matter which connection I use really? ..Or have I got it all wrong and the cables all come with the TV tuner card itself? If so, why do I have these cables with my graphics card?

Also with the TV tuner cards it says it requires a Sound Card. My one is integrated onto the motherboard, but it's 7.1 so it's a good one. This doesn't mean I won't be able to connect it up all properly does it?

Thanks in advance!

  Shantei 15:46 26 Jun 2007

Anyone? It's really quite serious :P

  ICF 21:17 26 Jun 2007

Sorry PC advisor. Pc Format in there July addition have done a review on TV tuner cards 8 cards in all were tested.

  sunny staines 21:58 27 Jun 2007


they do some good tv plugin sticks with an aerial

  Stuartli 09:55 30 Jun 2007

If you only intend to watch television programmes (or listen to radio stations) on your monitor, then you are worrying unnecessarily about graphics cards, integrated sound, cables and leads etc.

The only lead you will need is a TV aerial coaxial cable connected to the TV card.

Once you have tuned in the TV and radio channels (you require a digital/Freeview TV card), then the sound and pictures will be reproduced on the monitor.

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