TV recording to HDD

  catpwss 19:14 14 Nov 2011

Hi.I have a samsung tv & a samsung dvd recorder with hdd.Is it possible to connect two dvd recorders to one tv,Freeview ones. Thanks.

  john bunyan 16:38 15 Nov 2011

I can see no reason why not. You would need to "daisy chain" the incoming TV aerial and maybe have seperate SCART leads to the TV , or these could also be joined at source with those female SCART sockets wich detect which Recorder is sending to the TV.

  catpwss 20:34 15 Nov 2011

john bunyan,many thanks for the update.but can you be a little more elaborate on the "daisy chain" method you mentioned,At the moment the samsung recorder is connected to the tv with an HDMI cable and as you know the aerial cable goes to the dvd recorder and from there to the tv.Could you please tell me more on the "daisy chain" method regarding the aerial cable. I do hope that you can help me out here "please". Thanks.d.

  natdoor 10:26 16 Nov 2011

If both DVD recorders have Freeview tuners in-built, then each will have an RF In (Aerial) socket. It is usual also to have an RF Out socket and you have that on your Samsung unit connected to the TV. A daisy chain would have the RF Out from one recorder connected to the RF In of the other and then to the TV from RF Out. This is only necessary if you wish to record two Freeview channels concurrently or record one and watch another. It may also be necessary to have one on standby when not otherwise in use. An alternative arrangement would be to use an aerial splitter, which provides two outputs and insert this either to the cable from the aerial or to the output from Samsung.

  catpwss 11:22 16 Nov 2011

Many thanks,That info was just fine.

  john bunyan 12:57 16 Nov 2011

Further to natdoors advice this is worth a read!!

  catpwss 13:10 16 Nov 2011

Brilliant,Thanks all.

  catpwss 13:40 16 Nov 2011

Update.Followed the info supplied,Connected two freeview recorders to my samsung tv,And all working fine. Thanks again forum great stuff.Thankyou.c.

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