tv with internet option

  LANDCRUISER 17:09 18 Feb 2010

as awest3 i do have the same problem & was looking at his thread,these plugs that connect to the mains looks like the answer for me,what i like to know is,do you still use your router or do you discard the router,i have my desktop wired to the router,could you tell me how to set the plugs up to the pc ect

  awest3 15:56 03 Mar 2010

The plugs which we were talking about in the original thread have ethernet connections at the rear, the idea is that you plug one into the mains by the TV and run an ethernet cable from the rear of the plug into the ethernet socket on the tv. Then you plug another into the mains by the router and run an ethernet cable to the router. They then communicate through the mains house wiring. I decided to run an ethernet cable directly from the TV to the router just to test it and it worked I have to hide the wiring somehow...might still end up with these plugs..hope this helps..

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