TV with internet option

  awest3 14:36 27 Jan 2010

I am about to take delivery of a panasonic LCD TV TXL37V10b...It has the capability to access the internet through an ethernet socket on the back of the TV. My PC is upstairs (along with the wifi router) and I do not wish to run a cable between the two. What are my options..? I've asked about a wifi dongle (ethernet one end, wifi adaptor at the other) in Maplins but all I got was blank looks. I've also heard that another wireless router could be setup to act as a idea how to do this but I do have a spare netgear router. Any other options or advice most welcome.

  oldbeefer2 15:24 27 Jan 2010

I'd go for homeplugs click here

  awest3 16:14 27 Jan 2010

Thanks for that..its an idea I'd not considered. I'll have a look.

As I can't find (as yet) an ethernet (rj45) to wifi dongle (for want of a better word).

I wonder if I can, using a short peice of male to male ethernet cable, plug into a female ethernet / female USB connector (I can see these on sale) and then plug in a USB wifi dongle to that... ?

there seem to be a few USB to RJ45 connectors but no male RJ45 to female USB connectors...that I can find

  john bunyan 16:45 27 Jan 2010

Expensive, but an Xbox 360 might do it? (into TCV then wireless to router?)May be worth a Google .

  awest3 16:52 27 Jan 2010

Yep, probably but I never play it would be an expensive option.

  Tim1964 00:01 28 Jan 2010


£35 a pair if you shop around.

click here

My versions have 4 ethernet sockets instead of the usual 1, very handy.

  awest3 09:14 28 Jan 2010

thanks for these suggestions...TV due today so I will soon be able to give them a try.

  john bunyan 19:21 28 Jan 2010

Not sure if these work if the TV and the PC are on different home circuits (eg Upstairs and downstairs sometimes on differend circuits)

  awest3 12:56 12 Feb 2010

I've acquired an RJ45(male)/USB(female) adapter and am now looking for a suitable USB dongle..most come with an installation CD which of course I can't use for the I barking up the wrong tree or are there any just plug and play usb dongles..?

  Tim1964 00:21 13 Feb 2010

As long as the rings (up and down) connect to the same consumer unit/fuse board the they're just the job.

The only time homeplugs can't work is if you have a 3 phase supply into your house.

My son has his XBox upstairs streaming 'stuff' off the downstairs PC via 85Mbps units.

  john bunyan 13:53 13 Feb 2010

I have 3 phase but it is just for a pump - the rest is single phase . Does this rule out homeplug?

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