TV: Freeview box and DVD player.

  the hick 07:13 20 Aug 2011

I now have Freeview digital, via a Sagem box, with SCART cable to EXT 1 of TV set (make JVC, CRT, 16 yrs old.) The DVD player is connected by SCART to EXT 2 of TV. However, when try to play DVD, I switch to EXT 2, and the Freeview broadcast is still on screen, although without the sound. I have to switch off the Sagem box to watch DVD properly. I feel, this should not be necessary. Any advice on this matter would be appreciated, thank you.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:36 20 Aug 2011

Tried it the other way round?

freeview in scart 2 and DVd in scart 1?

  john bunyan 22:06 20 Aug 2011

You can get SCART adapters tsuch that only one male output goes to the TV and they have several female inputs (DVD etc) . Some will switch autonatically to the input selected, others have a manual switch.In either case the aerial should go first to the Freeview box then out to the TV's aerial in.

  the hick 06:55 21 Aug 2011

Fruit Bat /\0/\, tried this, makes a difference, DVD picture and sound are there, but image keeps sliding left to right across the screen. john bunyan, the aerial goes to freeview box then to TV aerial input, and SCART to ext 1 on the TV. Perhaps I should try a different SCART cable. Thankyou for your replies.

  TheAtheist 17:10 22 Aug 2011

I had similar problem with a new bluray DVD connecting to old CRT telly.

The bluray was working but no picture. the bluray only had RCA sockets so I got an adapter cable that was RCA to SCART. I made sure I got the cable with a switch for changing the signal from output to input.

Basically you're going out from DVD (RCA) and in to telly (SCART). That did the trick.

I've also noticed: once you put the aerial lead to the freebox and a SCART to your telly; you don't need another aerial lead to the telly. SCART will pass the signal.

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