Trying to improving mobile phone reception

  ex-para 12:16 11 Mar 2018

Early next week I shall be taking delivery of some equipment that will gather information and then text me this information from a Nokia 95N to my Sony smart phone. The Nokia has to be in a certain location at all times that is 200 yds from my house across a field and althought I get reception with the Sony it is very poor with the Nokia and this model of Nokia it must be. The equipment has bluetooth. I have read of ways to try and improve the reception but I am not sure what would be the best. There is mains electricity in the place I will be putting the equipment and both mobiles have the same sim or provider.

Barrie Blackett

  mrcalif 03:58 12 Mar 2018

Do you have a Signal Analyser such as click here are aware that the 2G & 3G Networks will be shutting down sometime in the near future and as the N95 does not support 4G you'll be looking for an alternative.


  Govan1x 10:21 12 Mar 2018

Most mobile companies have plug in the wall signal boosters unfortunately Nokia does not seem to be one of them. Now not sure if it you go with the sim or the phone. They usually sell between £30 - £70.

My Brother in law has one for Vodaphone plugged in at his house and it worked ok using my old nokia and iPhone.

His is an old one about the size of a wireless router but they are much smaller now.

maybe have a google to see if you can find anything that will help you. They are plug in the wall but I am sure there must be ones that can connect to some sort of aerial.

  Govan1x 10:28 12 Mar 2018

This from tech Advisor so that you can check which signal provider would work best in your area.

Click Here

  mrcalif 10:43 12 Mar 2018

Most mobile companies have plug in the wall signal boosters unfortunately Nokia does not seem to be one of them.

The problem here is that you need a Broadband connection to get these so called signal boosters working.

  ex-para 13:10 12 Mar 2018

Thanks for the replies, I was told about the cessation of 3G etc..and also told that when this happens I will be updated with no cost. I use GiffGaff (02) as they give me the best reception. In the location I need the equipment I get 3 bars on my smart phone and none on the Nokia but it does work elsewhere. I don’t get it about plugs on the walls but if this would help I would try if I knew more about it. Is there nothing else I could do.

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