Ferrari-Fan 17:09 23 Apr 2006

I have heard somewhere that the resolution of HD tv's currently being sold with 1366x768 pixels is not actually true HD resolution obtainable in Japan or America, but has only half the pixels. Is this the case and if so, are tv's going to be coming to Britain soon which are 'true HD ready'?
Also is it actually worth waiting for this to happen?

  bremner 18:21 23 Apr 2006

HDTV is capable of a resolution up to 1920 x 1080 giving approx 2 million pixels. For example click here

Currently the majority of HDTV offer a resolution of 1368 x 768 giving just over 1 million pixels. For example click here

The larger resolution set can be bought in this country but are of a larger screen size and therefore more costly.

click here for a fuller explanation

  anchor 18:26 23 Apr 2006

Have a look at my earlier thread on this topic:

click here

  Ferrari-Fan 20:25 23 Apr 2006

Thanx bremner & anchor.
I was looking at the latest 32" Toshiba today 32WLT66. Whats the latest on quality of fast moving action on LCD's? I watch a lot of sport, football & squash, and wondered if they had caught up yet or still had some way to go re being blurred when players and ball are moving fast.

  kinger 21:45 23 Apr 2006

I've just purchased the new Panasonic 32 inch and the resolution is 1080i (the good one).

The refresh rate is 0.08 (fastest ever on LCD TV's) up from 0.28 from the first LCD Panasonics two years ago.

Viewing angle and contast rate is improved and I would say that TV viewing is now as perfect as it is likely to get for a very long time.

HD broadcasts are on the way and Sky TV (June 06)will be enabling this along with the BBC (World cup football, Wimbledon and all that) ... so buy now!

  Ferrari-Fan 23:33 23 Apr 2006

Thanx Kinger
Is it the Panasonic KX32LXD60 model?
Any other ideas. I've been told Samsung do a good 32" but never really looked at them before.

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