Troublesome transfer to SD card

  philsm 23:49 16 Feb 2016

HTC One M8, 64gb SD card Android 6.0 - Marshmallow HTC Sense 7.0 Software number

I have 32gb spare on my sd card but when I try to transfer apps from internal to sd storage I get "Not enough storage space". I can however transfer data files/images/etc. no problem

  RV510 11:31 17 Feb 2016

The reason that it's showing 'not enough space' could be that there actually is not enough space, if you bought the card from an internet auction site it may have been re-configured or corrupted, some cards you buy are actually a smaller capacity than actually stated, there was a section on a particular TV programme discussing this, people selling SD cards stated at for example 32Gb when in fact they were only 4Gb. Remove the SD card from your device, put it in a card adapter and plug it in your card reader slot in your PC, then go into your control panel and open 'hardware and devices' and look for the card, most likely named 'removable device' or 'F' click on it and in the box that opens click 'properties' and the box that then opens will give you the exact amount of capacity it is. If it is 32Gb you will need to format it to free up the space.

  RV510 11:35 17 Feb 2016

Forgot to say, another reason could be that the App or Apps that you are trying to transfer take up more space than what the SD card will hold, check on your device under 'Manage Apps' just how much space each one you want to transfer takes.

  philsm 11:23 18 Feb 2016

Thanks for reply RV510 The card is genuine and I have already reformatted it (via PC and Phone) and have moved 50Gb to it while connected to my PC. While in the phone I can still move pictures and downloads to it just not apps. The apps I've tried to move are small some under 1Mb.

  RV510 15:01 18 Feb 2016

I'm not sure if you can move some Apps to SD card or no, It may depend on the type of phone and the platform, the phones user manual should give you the information, failing that contact the phone manufacturers and ask.

  I am Spartacus 23:02 20 Feb 2016

I think it's one of the new 'features' of Marshmallow.

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