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Trouble Configuring a New Router

  morddwyd 20:36 27 Mar 2019

It has become necessary to install a new router and while it will connect to the network there is "no internet" available.

Troubleshooting tells me that the DNS server is disconnected, but frustratingly not how to fix it!

Any pointers please? I've been all through the conflagration pages without success. Not looking for anything advanced, just want to set it to the normal "Obtain automatically".

  morddwyd 20:43 27 Mar 2019

PS Sorry, TP Link router, Win 10.

  LV426 07:23 28 Mar 2019

You have been sent a new router by your internet provider ? Or you have a new router and just plugged it in ? Your wireless devices can see the router but no internet. You need to go into the router and fill in all the fields which allow you the internet/DNS sever etc.Contact your internet provider and they will help you or they will send a new router probably for free with the information entered.If you ever hit the reset button on a router this will clear out the settings and you will need to re enter them, IP admin admin etc, this in normally written on the router.

  morddwyd 09:00 28 Mar 2019

strong tThat's narrowed it down. A wealth of informatiext

My apologies. I have been using the forum a long time and over familiarity led me to simply give the information which is normally asked for. If you ask me what else you need to know I will try to answer.

My ISP is BT, which should answer some of the other points. I needed to replace their usual Mickey Mouse router, which in earlier times would have come free in a box of corn flakes, with something that is half way decent.

Then to say that their customer service is sketchy is the most outrageous flattery! They normall wash their hands of any bit of kit which is no BT. You need to go into the router and fill in all the fields which allow you the internet/DNS sever etc.

I'm well aware that I need to reset the DNS server. My question is, how?

As I've said, I've tried the configuration pages ( but did not find the answer.

  wee eddie 09:42 28 Mar 2019

Not posting anything to help MDD.

Just to say that I do not agree with his opinion of BT's Routers. Mine serves me fine at almost zero cost. It was upgraded, a couple of years back, for a £5er

  morddwyd 12:30 28 Mar 2019

Thanks,WE. It was my opinion, not any body else's, though I know it is shared by at least one other member of this forum!

Not saying they are not adequate, just not very good.

A freebie is rarely top quality.

  wee eddie 13:21 28 Mar 2019

MDD: It's not a freebie, you're paying for it in your monthly DD.

  john bunyan 16:29 28 Mar 2019

I changed recently to Plusnet, with their HomeHub. I live about 500m from cabinet and am on “Superfast Fibre “ ; FTTC. Getting about 65 - 68 mbps at non peak. Bought Devolo Magic 2 system which has a base unit at the modem / router and 2 combined wi fi and LAN ( each with 2 LAN sockets. When the service started Plusnet (based in Doncaster) were very helpful- although they , in turn , were awaiting confirmation of service from Openreach. A call to your ISP seems best advice

  x13 17:09 28 Mar 2019

If you have fibre then this might help click here.

  BT 08:26 29 Mar 2019

It may seem a bit obvious but TP Link Routers come in two versions ASDL and Cable. You didn't buy a Cable one by mistake did you.

  morddwyd 21:42 30 Mar 2019


Thanks. The router is the TP Link AC1600 Wireless Dual Band, Gigabit with BT Infinity compatibility specifically mentioned. I've had sterling service from the Archer D2 for a number of years but was upgraded to fibre to the cabinet in January so upgraded to VDSL.


Not sure what configuration settings you want. I have set it ip as per the guide.

I've been into the home page and looked at easy, basic and advanced set ups, and all seems normal. Both networks are enabled (hence being able to connect to the home page) but the internet shows as not connected. IP Address, Gateway and Sub net Mask appear normal.

Wi Fi connects on all my devices (two Windows, five Android), in fact, everything normal except no internet. Being able to connect to the web but not the internet baffles me!

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