Transferring a PAYG SIM card

  Mike47 08:16 04 Apr 2019

Hi. I've just ordered a Doro 6250 from the 02 website and selected the classic PAYG tariff. Nothing has been activated as yet. I've only ever had one phone which has an EE PAYG SIM. When the Doro phone arrives, would I be able to put in the EE card or would the phone be somehow locked so I'd only be able to use 02 PAYG? Many thanks in advance.

  alanrwood 09:07 04 Apr 2019

If you bought it from O2. then it will probably be locked to O2. Look at the description and see if it says something like Misim free or unlocked

  Secret-Squirrel 09:42 04 Apr 2019

Mike, like Alan said, your new phone will almost certainly be locked to the O2 network so your EE SIM won't work. Don't panic though as you can transfer your EE phone number over to O2. Here's how:

From your EE phone, call EE and ask for a "Port Authorisation Code" (PAC). When your new phone arrives go to this O2 webpage and fill in the form to transfer your number. It's as easy as that.

  john bunyan 10:25 04 Apr 2019

Agreed but you won’t be able to transfer any PAYG credit

  alanrwood 11:32 04 Apr 2019

Probably easier to get an unlock code, usually a couple of quid on eBay and then he can use whatever sim he likes from then on.

  Mike47 12:38 04 Apr 2019

thanks all for these helpful responses - much appreciated.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:51 04 Apr 2019

Unless things have changed recently, O2 PAYG tariffs are by far the cheapest.

O2 can unlock phones to make them available to use on other networks - have a read here.

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