transfering from camera to PC

  granma.m 13:14 21 Jun 2008

I have GeniusD5123 camera.It should be just plug and play to transfer photos, no driver needed, but when I try to do this my computer won,t recognise the device.Can anyone tell me what to do next. I am sure there is a very simple explanation but I do not have a clue.

  peter99co 13:20 21 Jun 2008

Does the camera have a setting to connect to PC
It is best to look in the manual for the camera.

  granma.m 13:32 21 Jun 2008

Thanks for your reply Peter. No there is no setting for this. According to the manual it is simply a matter of connecting the cable.I should have said that this is not a new camera.I did use it some time ago and had the same problem and I can't for the life of me remember how I sorted it.

  DJ Techz 14:38 21 Jun 2008

Have you turned the camera and then connect the camera to pc or tried connecting the camera to pc and then turning on


  jack 14:53 21 Jun 2008

Would provide a reference to the camera to check out- And it came up with --Nothing.
The camera does not exist.

Do you have a software disk for the camera?
If so is there a manual in PDF format thereon?

Most camera on switch on go to taking mode.
To look at the images on the back screen usually an additional control/button/twist of a dial is required to access the memory/media card.
For example to switch on take a pic. in my wife's Olympus simple camera- a slide over the lens has to be moved- and to shut down the slide goes back.
However to look at the images a simple button on the back is pressed - the slide stays shut.
So something of this order is what to do I would imagine

  granma.m 14:53 21 Jun 2008

Not stupid at all Ryan. but this time I have done both.No joy

  granma.m 15:02 21 Jun 2008

I tried Google as well.I have even tried to get on the Genius site but to no avail.I think I may try throwing it at the wall, I've done everything else.

  granma.m 15:54 21 Jun 2008

DONE IT.{no I didn't throw it} I don't really know how.
I decided to switch off and start again.An earlier restart didn't work.So there we are.When in doubt switch off.
thanks to all who replied.


  Pamy 16:29 21 Jun 2008

What operating system are you running, eg. 98 XP etc?

  jack 17:15 21 Jun 2008

On a camera Pamy?
Some camera

  Pamy 17:40 21 Jun 2008

jack, It was supposewd to be plug and play and not all OS suppoet Plug and play without drivers, that is why i asked.

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