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Transfer images from phone and keep location info.

  James.G 09:13 17 Mar 2018

Hi all,

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 with thousands of holiday photos on. When I click the information on the photos it tells me the exact location that the photo was taken by pin pointing it on Google Maps.

Now I would like to transfer these photos to my PC and still be able to to see exactly where in the world they were taken.

Is there any way of this happening?

Thanks in advance.


  alanrwood 11:24 17 Mar 2018

Why not just try it with one photo.

  john bunyan 17:41 17 Mar 2018

mrcalif is correct. When you transfer to PC, locate the file, press properties then details and the Lat and Long should be there. Some of mine from an iPhone were missing since on the phone, Settings, Privacy, Camera, I had ticked "Never" Now corrected to "when using the app"

  john bunyan 17:43 17 Mar 2018

PS Not sure if it gives a written location such as Paris, only the Lat and Long

  wee eddie 18:19 17 Mar 2018

If you Copy and Paste, you are likely to lose the Metadata. Just use Samsung's built in software

  wee eddie 20:32 17 Mar 2018

I'm just reporting my experience between my S7 Edge and Windows 10 via USB

  Aitchbee 22:33 17 Mar 2018


Can anyone tell me?

You were in Pinner or Harrow on the western outskirts of London, your camera was mounted in a drone flying at an altitude of 124 metres.

  James.G 17:05 23 Mar 2018

Thanks for all of your responses.

I have transferred all of my images to the PC and I have indeed managed to keep the long / lat data.

It would be nice if I clicked a button and Google maps popped up like it would on my phone but as long as the location data is still there I can do it manually.

  James.G 14:07 26 Mar 2018

Ah thank you mrcalif. Exactly what I was after!

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