Toshiba Laptop

  Les 19:12 17 Dec 2007

Does anyone have the Toshiba 200 -1EE laptop, if so, what do think of it - good, bad or ?

The HDMI output interests me as it allows a good connection to the HD T/V, but is that an illusion - no better than VGA?

Advice appreciated.

  Boaters 08:35 21 Dec 2007

Hi I am to interested in this computer for general use and photo and video editing ,Any coments much appreciated
Regards Roy

  Les 11:44 21 Dec 2007

I bought this computer just two days ago. Just two things wrong - a Norton Trial program refuses to be uninstalled - continually asking for a disk which, of course, I don't have. A trip to PC World is on for today! The other is Vista - after years with XP this will take a lot of getting used to. It also has Microsoft Office 2007 trial on it too. That was easily removed. The pad and buttons (in lieu of a mouse) are, for me, a no-no - a pain in the you know where. Connection to a HD T/v via HDMI - OK, picture slightly overhangs the screen - but this can be tolerated - if not curable. Laptop screen could, at the moment, be better - too light -but this should be capable of being adjusted. Web cam works OK and gives a reasonable picture at 640 x 480. Aero? I don't know yet. 160 gb hard drive divided into two partitions, the second is for data. There are papers and books for everything - except a guide to using Vista - that provided doesn't anywhere near enough info and is as useful as a snowball in a heatwave! Internet connection not known as yet for I haven't had time to think about that - but shouldn't be too much trouble - I hope <g>

I have a problem with my eyesight and I bought this laptop as a desktop replacement when it is needed - mainly because of it's capability of being coupled with a large LCD T/V via the HDMI sockets.

  Les 23:25 21 Dec 2007

Norton problem solved by taking the laptop back to PC World, they used the Norton Removal Tool to uninstall it. Other problems in a seperate thread.

  woodchip 23:14 22 Dec 2007

Think you will find that you have two 80gb drives not a 160gb

  Les 00:11 23 Dec 2007


I think that you are correct. I assumed it was just one <g> Indeed, I've just thought - the OS was installed from one to the other and they are hardly likely to put installer and OS on the same disk, albeit in different partitions.

I've heard a lot about Vista and what a lousy OS it really is - but, in my case, I have to keep trying to get to grips with it - a laptop is strange to me but with a new OS it was blue murder at first. You get no literature about the differences - not useful anyway. I've downloaded quite a lot of useful info from the 'net cvia my desktop's broadband connection - I haven't plucked up courage yet to attempt making a connection with the laptop.

Maybe this is not the place to make an appeaal for confirmation of what follows:

I have a BT modem and this is connected to the desktop via USB. The modem has other connectors - presumably ethernet? If so could one of these connecters joined to the laptop provide temporary connection to the 'net? Perhaps someone, with more knowledge of these things than I can confirm or deny that?

  MCE2K5 00:20 23 Dec 2007

If it's the BT Voyager 205, No, It's USB, or Ethernet.

  Forum Editor 13:56 23 Dec 2007

and what a lousy OS it is"

Then you've heard wrong. All new operating system have their difficulties, and Vista has been no exception, but a lousy operating system it is not.

If you take a look at our current poll results you'll see that so far it's leading the field as the most popular product of the year. I'm sure that if you persevere you'll end up liking it.

  Les 14:34 23 Dec 2007

Lousy was far too strong a word, I apologize for its use. The reason, in my opinion, that it wasn't popular at first is purely and simply a reaction to an OS that, for those now used to XP (like myself), just didn't really care to make the effort to get to know Vista. In my case it was a case of two fresh things together - a double whammy! Rest assured,I have no doubt whatever that I will get used to it now that I have the info from the 'net, no doubt at all. My problem with Zonewall (the free Vista version) not being able to install on the Toshiba laptop has been solved by installing Comodo instead.


It is a BT Voyager 210 as I should have stated! Is there a chance to that this may work. Why should I want to do this? The laptop is hooked up to a LCD TV via the HDMI cable - eventually I'll dabble in wireless - but not yet!

  woodchip 14:43 23 Dec 2007

Les you need to take care, as if you run the Restore disc it wipes both drives

  Les 16:34 23 Dec 2007


Thanks very much, that's good advice as I wasn't aware of that. I thought that as there are two separate drives that only the main drive would be affected - nevertheless Woodchip, your advice received and welcomed.

A very merry Christmas to all on this forum.

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