Top Tips for canon 300d wanted.

  Mick54 08:37 14 Aug 2008

Hello ppl, I have just bought a second hand canon 300d. My only previous slr is a canon AV1 that I have had for donkeys years. My other digital camera is a Pentax optio30 that takes very good holiday snaps but has an incredible shutter delay when taking photos, hence my purchase of the canon. Does anyone have any top tips for me please. Many Thanx Mick. ps I have a sigma 18-50mmlens ( came with camera ). I purchased two canon lenses, an EF 80-200 II and EF 38-76 both for only £53 from e-bay.

  jack 09:07 14 Aug 2008

Simply get to grips and take lots of images with a note book to hand so that you know what you did for comparison.
Assuming it all goes - just learn it.
From you what you imply you are not exactly a novice snapper.

Thinking back 40 year or so I belonged to a Camera Club where the membership seemed to be in 2 parts.
There were those that loved photography- taking and comparing photos and processing and all that.
The other part were those that just loved Kit
they would get in a huddle and discuss the merits of their latest acquisition- I don't recall seeing many photo's from that lot

  Mick54 10:13 14 Aug 2008

Sorry for the pun. I just thought that someone may have taken an unusual photo from a certain setting or someone may have some don't do this or don't buy this tips. Thanx anyway, all the best Mick.

  Kemistri 12:08 14 Aug 2008
  jack 12:17 14 Aug 2008

Its better than
Andwodda you want!


  hssutton 16:09 14 Aug 2008

Two things to bear in mind when using a DSLR, but this really applies to most DSLRs.

All sub £1000 DSLRs have a small sensor and have a crop factor of 1.5 or 1.6. In the case of Canon this is 1.6. Effectively this means that your 80-200mm lens becomes a 128-320mm.

I'm not sure if you are aware of the shutter speed rule of thumb which states that the shutter speed should equate to the focal length in use, so if your lens is set to 200mm (200 x the 1.6 crop factor = 320) your shutter speed should be 1/320.

This figure is not cast in stone and is a guideline for setting the shutter speed.

Most newcomers to DSLRs complain about lack of sharpness, this is probably the main reason.

I've just recently sold my "ancient" 300D, I got to a stage where I couldn't manage 4 cameras at once, but must say I always enjoyed using this camera.

My suggestions are to only the centre focus point and use focus lock to re-compose. Do not use servo AF as it's a rather hit or miss affair.

You may also find that when using flash the camera will underexpose, and there's no remedy other than buying a flash with exposure compensation or using the "Wasia Hack" click here.

One other point take plenty of shots to get the feel of the camera, unlike film it's very cheap.

If you browse here click here you will find any info you may require.

Go out and enjoy your new acquisition, but not too much or it will cost you a forune :) I know as i'm talking from personal experience

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